Let’s start with my tips for using the magic wand plus during solo play, without losing your clit or your mind:

Use A Fabric Barrier

It might be a good idea using a magic wand plus with a barrier or two of fabric when you’re masturbating. Because it’s so intense and powerful, having it straight on the clit can be uncomfortable, but putting it over underwear or even your yoga pants can be worth a try.

Experiment with Pressure

Some women swear by using The Wand and applying lots of pressure to their clit. But for those of you, who can’t stand that amount of vibration, I recommend going easy and experimenting with different pressure points.  Maybe start by barely grazing your clit and vulva with The Wand and then increase the pressure if it feels good. Adjust, experiment, and don’t be afraid to try a few times to get it right.

Experiment with The Placement of The Wand

The same goes for experimenting with different angles of magic wand plus. Pushing it between your lips and placing it straight on the clit might be too intense. So, back off and start by barely touching your vulva from the top, then the bottom. Adjust the placement and see which part of your vulva and clit react the best to the intense vibrations.

Pair It with A Dildo

Another great way to enjoy the magic plus wand more is combining it with a dildo to mix the sensation of clitoral and vaginal stimulations. You can either hold the wand in one place that feels good and play with the dildo more. Or, you can insert the dildo inside and leave it there while you play with the wand and your clit. Either technique will increase your pleasure and will make your orgasms so much more intense.

Try Out Different Models and Attachments

If the classic plain Hitachi Magic Wand is not doing it for you, try out their different attachments. They have some for G-Spot stimulation, both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and so much more on their website here. Also, try out different models and designs to see if maybe you just got the wrong one the first time.