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Don’t Worry, You Know a Guy!


Have you ever heard someone say “I know a guy”? Well, when it comes to the wildest and craziest bachelor parties with the hottest and sexiest girls, you’ve found your guy! Pete, a.k.a. “Mr. Atlantic City”, has been the industry’s “I know a guy” since taking over the family business in 2000. Tasteful Temptations has been planning wild and over the top parties all over the East Coast and beyond since 1982. From the casinos of Atlantic City, to the beach houses of Ocean City, Maryland, Mr. Atlantic City has been in the center of it all!

Pete gained the name “Mr. Atlantic City” from his endless amount of connections to concierges, casino hosts, limo drivers, club promoters and much more. Tasteful Temptations® offers you exceptional customer service with a quality product, guaranteed. Mr. Atlantic City is confident in our product and brand and wants you to know he is here for you! Call Tasteful Temptations® today and speak with “Mr. Atlantic City” personally. Don’t worry! You know a guy!