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Tasteful Temptations is the #1 most reputable entertainment company on the East Coast. We don’t allow just anyone to work for us, we are a Family owned Company. We seek out the finest ladies with A+ attitudes. We love what we do and the service that we provide.

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We are not a club. We BRING the party. Girls are accompanied by a driver at all times. We are NOT an escort service, and not affiliated with any Escort Services, and our customers know this. They just expect clean fun entertainment.


  • Good attitude
  • Outgoing personality
  • Confident and friendly
  • Comfortable working closely with other female dancers
  • 18 + years old
  • Reliable transportation
  • Cell phone
  • Full nudity required
  • NO Experience Required

This is the perfect opportunity for young, beautiful, outgoing ladies to make money. Pay your monthly rent after just one night of working! Treat yourself to a Caribbean vacation or designer clothes. Pay off your student loan debt. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

This job is FUN for confident girls that can light up a room and spark a good conversation with the guest of honor and his friends for an hour of sexy, innocent fun.

We serve the East Coast, including the Greater Philadelphia Region, Atlantic City and Central and South NJ, and shore points in Maryland and Delaware.