It’s the biggest party night of the year- Thanksgiving Eve! Most people have off on Thanksgiving day, which makes the night before one to remember (or more accurately, one to forget). Droves of people head out to their local watering holes and run into everyone they thought they’d never see again from their hometowns. Before you make your way to the bar, gather your closest friends and throw an epic pregame party. Here’s how:

  • Set the mood with music. Do you or any of your friends dream of being Calvin Harris or Tiesto? Sign them up to play DJ. Have the most musically inclined member of your group create a playlist that will get everyone excited and ready to go out. The holidays are all about reminiscing, so make sure you throw in some nostalgic numbers from your high school years to get the “remember when” stories flowing.
  • Provide light snacks and beverages. What’s a pregame without alcohol? A couple cases of beer and a bottle or two of liquor should be enough to get the party started. You don’t want anyone to get too drunk so they don’t make it out, but everyone needs a little loosening up at the pregame party. Make sure you have water and non-alcoholic beverages on hand both for hydrating and chasing. People may or may not choose to eat once you get out, but definitely have something your guests can pick on like chips and dip, pretzels or a veggie tray. Remember, you don’t want to drink on an empty stomach.
  • Decide on a destination. Instead of scrambling to decide where to go once your Uber arrives, have everyone decide on a location before the pregame starts so you’re not worried about it once the partying is underway. It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone has a safe way of getting home once the night comes to a close.
  • Play a few games. Another way to spark nostalgia is to start playing games! Whether it’s a drinking game like beer pong or a friendly game of poker, playing a game gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy a little friendly competition. If you’re playing a drinking game, aim for the ones that require slower drinking. It’s all about pacing yourself! If you’re taking shots, make sure to limit them. You won’t be allowed into the venue if you’re visibly under the influence.
  • Spice it up with special guests. We don’t mean surprising your friends with exes from their past – we mean inviting the beauties from Tasteful Temptations! With over 200 girls to choose from, our girls can help you turn your pregame up a notch. Your friends will surely remember this pregame and talk about it for the many Thanksgiving Eves to come.

Now that you’re fully prepared for your Thanksgiving Eve pregame, you can start to think about hangover cures and Thanksgiving dinner!