In one week, couples around the world will celebrate the commercialized holiday that is Valentine’s Day. But for the guys and gals who aren’t in a committed relationship or dating anyone, February 14th is something more – it’s Singles Awareness Day.

It’s the anti-Valentine’s Day – a time to commiserate or celebrate your single status. Whether you recognize the holiday on February 14th or celebrate on the 15th, here are some of the best ways to treat yourself on Singles Awareness Day.

  • Belly up to the bar. Whether you’re a rum drinker or you can consume an entire case in a matter of minutes, head to the bar with your buddies to alleviate (or celebrate) being single. Make a plan to meet at a local hot spot for a happy hour, then see where the night takes you from there. You might even meet another group celebrating for the same reasons!
  • Plan a trip far, far away. When was your last vacation? If you live in the Northeast region of the United States, you know that this time of year, the weather can get pretty bleak. Use that and the quickly-approaching holiday as an excuse to plan a mini-vacation. A long weekend in Vegas or a quick flight to Florida could be just what the love doctor ordered this Singles Awareness Day.
  • Netflix and chill. The tried and true method of relaxation can be just as fun on Singles Awareness Day. You can spend this time with anyone you want; your friends, someone you just met and aren’t dating exclusively, or by yourself. Watch something you’ve never seen before to increase your chances of a good binge – Netflix releases a ton of new shows and movies each month. If you don’t have Netflix, treat yourself to an on-demand movie. After all, this day is about you and your needs.
  • Enjoy a private show. The fact that you’re single doesn’t mean you have to spend the day alone. Ease your loneliness by gathering a bunch of your single friends and inviting the gorgeous girls from Tasteful Temptations into your home this Singles Awareness Day. Nothing says “screw being single” like inviting a lovely lady or two into your home. There’s a package out there for every single, whether you’re looking for a mild 1-girl show or an all out 4-girl party package.
  • Make a personal upgrade. If you’re single, you’re solely responsible for purchasing those “treat yourself” gifts. If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, order it this week and have it scheduled to deliver on February 14th. Think of all of the things on your “want but don’t need” list. Singles Awareness Day is a great excuse to spend a little extra on yourself, whether it’s in the form of a fancy dinner for one, an upgrade to your old gaming system, or a new pair of kicks.

Celebrate YOU this Singles Awareness Day with these tempting ways to treat yourself.