If you want to take your gathering to the next level, going to a strip club is not your only option. From bachelor parties to a “rite of passage” or simply wanting to have a good time, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to use a professional stripper service like Tasteful Temptations. Though there are many rules to abide by while participating in the experience we provide, these rules are in place for the girls’ and our customers’ long-term safety. Here is a few helpful tips on how to behave around our entertainers so that you are not in the dog house with the service, entertainer, or your group of friends.

  • Clean up and dress appropriately for whatever the occasion may be. We’re being serious. Not only will the entertainer appreciate it, but you will feel good, too. Want a lap dance? Consider options like khakis, dress pants, or anything soft (that does not mean sweatpants). Leave any items like keys, wallets, or phones in your back pocket or somewhere near you. Again, you will be more comfortable and so will the dancer. No one wants to be butt-dialed while you are trying to have a good time.
  • Look, don’t touch! Our girls have one job, and one job only:  to give the ultimate experience to you, the customer. It is extremely important to remember they are doing what they are being paid to do their job. Most strippers are not sex workers, and if they are employed by a reputable service, they will not participate in any sexual acts for money— that is prostitution, which is illegal in most states. Strippers specialize in providing a fantasy for their customers, and unless they have said that touching is allowed, the best thing to do is keep your hands to yourself. If you are not sure, just ask.
  • Always tip. We really mean this one. Tipping etiquette varies from an actual strip club to a house call, but for around 25 guests you will want to tip between $1-$6 per person throughout the show. These numbers are based on the party size and the level of effort from an entertainer and are up to your discretion. If you are the party planner, we recommend trading in your large bills for singles, and once your guests arrive, have them trade in too!

Remember, it is crucial to ask about the rules of the service prior to the party. Not all services are created equally, and even if you have had an experience before, it may not be exactly the same this time around. This will save you any confusion that may cause uncomfortable or awkward moments throughout the night.