When you hire a stripper, the entire experience should be fantasy – from the props to the outfits and even the names of your female entertainers. A stripper’s name establishes the personality for her character. You’ll know instantly whether this stripper is going to be sweet and playful, or tough and tantalizing.

Here are some examples of stripper names that tell you what you’re in store for at your bachelor party:

  • Candy. This is perfect for the girl who’s as sweet as her name.
  • Kitty. With a name like Kitty, her performance will be sure to make you purr.
  • Destiny. You’ll feel like you’re exactly where you are meant to be when your stripper’s name is Destiny.
  • Diamond. She’s a one-of-a-kind girl who will make you feel like you won the lottery.
  • Chyna. For those who like exotic locations as much as their dancers, you’ll want to receive a dance from Chyna.
  • Luscious. From her lips to her hips, Luscious will have you craving an encore performance.
  • April. Springs right into the action and loves to party.
  • Delight. This one speaks for itself. Any performance from her would be an absolute delight.
  • Roxy. Seductive and sexy, Roxy is a girl who loves to show off her talents.
  • Cherry. This is a classic name for the sweet and sassy lady who will leave you begging for more.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet schoolgirl like a “Candy” or a seductress like a “Roxy,” Tasteful Temptations has the bachelor party strippers that will give you a night you’ll remember. Tasteful Temptations serves the Greater Philadelphia Region, including Atlantic City, Central and South New Jersey, as well as the mountains areas of the Poconos and down to Ocean City Maryland.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming party and we’ll recommend the best strippers to show your friends a great time.