The unofficial start of summer is this weekend, which means many people are focused on perfecting their summer bod. Pole dancing is a great way to engage your core, strengthen and tone your legs, and increase your self-confidence. Whether your gym offers these types of classes or you’re looking into installing a pole in your home gym, pole dancing is a fast, effective way to reach your summer body goals. Discover all of the ways your body can benefit from pole dancing.

  • Work Everything. Pole dancing combines resistance and cardio training into one session while improving your flexibility. Using your own body weight, you’re able to train your muscles through targeted motions. On the occasions you’re climbing the pole, you have to support your body weight through the use of your entire body, giving every muscle group an even deeper burn.
  • Achieve Rapid Results. Gone are the days of doing countless sit-ups and crunches. Because pole dancing requires a lot of time spent balancing on one leg or completely off the ground, you’re able to train these muscles in less time. In fact, pole dancing can be more effective on your core than working with weights 4-5 times a week.
  • Make Cardio Fun Again. Anaerobic cardio bursts are a great way to burn fat, but running through drills on a treadmill can get pretty boring. Cardiovascular activity is a huge part of pole dancing, as you’re consistently moving around while tapping into your muscle strength.
  • Tone Without The Bulk. For those worried about bulking up too much, pole dancing can help you maintain your body weight while tightening and toning your muscles. You’ll never obtain huge muscle mass because you’re only ever using the weight of your own body.
  • Get Lean Legs. If there’s one part of the body people tend to neglect when it comes to fitness, it’s the legs. Pole dancing gives your inner thighs and quads a run for their money through dynamic stretching. Like your core, pole dancing allows you to train your leg muscles in less time.
  • Experience An Emotional Exodus. In addition to all of the physical benefits, pole dancing can be emotionally beneficial. Any form of dance is a great way to work through emotion, whether you’re feeling angry, joyful, or sad. Feeling strong and fierce? Put Katy Perry’s Roar on your playlist. Want to work through something a little tougher? Try dancing to Kesha’s Praying. Pole dancing can be done to virtually any song, making it easy for you to work through any kind of emotion.
  • Boost Your Confidence. The moves involved in pole dancing can be sexually suggestive and allow you to feel more confident about your body. Pole dancing gives you a sense of sexiness and strength that you won’t find in more traditional workout classes.

Want to look like the fit females of Tasteful Temptations? Regardless of your experience level, pole dancing can be a great workout for any body type. Give pole dancing a try this summer!