atlantic city stripper tips

The strippers you hire for your bachelor party can make or break your special event. It’s important that you hire your entertainment through a professional company that can deliver hot & sexy, flirty, talented, fun, and exciting women. Tasteful Temptations’ strippers are the best of the industry and will leave your guests stunned with their unforgettable wild & hot shows.

Many people fall victim of stripper scams, so we thought we’d put together some questions and tips to ensure you are hiring an Atlantic City Stripper company that can deliver hot and quality entertainment for your special event:

Is the company real and trustworthy? Take a look at the company’s website and other information online. Do they have bad reviews?

Are the strippers working for themselves? Never hire strippers who work independently. They will often times show up late, will look terrible, rush your show, and scam you out of hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Are there any hidden fees? Lots of companies have many hidden fees they don’t tell you about until you’re opening up your wallet at a show. Make sure you ask about any fees you may be required to pay besides the cost of the show.

Is the show full nude? Most companies advertise full nude on their websites, but do not deliver full nude during the show. Make sure you confirm that the show will be full nude to get the most bang for your buck.

Are they familiar with the area? Make sure the company you hire is familiar with the area your event is located in. There’s nothing worse than having a room full of men waiting around while the best-man gives directions to a lost stripper on the phone.

Ask around. This is probably the best tip you could ever get in regards to hiring the right strippers for your bachelor party. Ask your buddies what their experiences have been with other companies and if they “know a guy”. I guarantee they will refer you to Tasteful Temptations.

These guidelines and tips will help to ensure your bachelor party is wild, crazy, and one that your buddies will never, ever forget!