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Best Stripper Names

When you hire a stripper, the entire experience should be fantasy – from the props to the outfits and even the names of your female entertainers. A stripper’s name establishes the personality for her character. You’ll know instantly whether this stripper is going to be sweet and playful, or tough and tantalizing.

Here are some examples of stripper names that tell you what you’re in store for at your bachelor party:

  • Candy. This is perfect for the girl who’s as sweet as her name.
  • Kitty. With a name like Kitty, her performance will be sure to make you purr.
  • Destiny. You’ll feel like you’re exactly where you are meant to be when your stripper’s name is Destiny.
  • Diamond. She’s a one-of-a-kind girl who will make you feel like you won the lottery.
  • Chyna. For those who like exotic locations as much as their dancers, you’ll want to receive a dance from Chyna.
  • Luscious. From her lips to her hips, Luscious will have you craving an encore performance.
  • April. Springs right into the action and loves to party.
  • Delight. This one speaks for itself. Any performance from her would be an absolute delight.
  • Roxy. Seductive and sexy, Roxy is a girl who loves to show off her talents.
  • Cherry. This is a classic name for the sweet and sassy lady who will leave you begging for more.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet schoolgirl like a “Candy” or a seductress like a “Roxy,” Tasteful Temptations has the bachelor party strippers that will give you a night you’ll remember. Tasteful Temptations serves the Greater Philadelphia Region, including Atlantic City, Central and South New Jersey, as well as the mountains areas of the Poconos and down to Ocean City Maryland.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming party and we’ll recommend the best strippers to show your friends a great time.

How To Become A Stripper

Have you always wondered what it takes to become a professional stripper that makes lots of money? Stripping is a very lucrative job that provides you with the opportunity to make as much or as little as you want in any given evening. Whether you’re looking to make a career switch or you’ve always wanted to perform for money and are unsure where to start, we can help!

The Tasteful Temptations dancers are some of the best in the business, so we look for the following when we hire new dancers:

  • Dance skills. Strippers need to be able to move in a desirable way so as to entice the customer and earn a lot of money. Before you audition for a job as a stripper, master a few of the basic stage moves first.
  • The right attitude. As a stripper, it’s your job to be the life of the party. This means it’s your job to smile and be friendly with those who hire you. The more fun you’re having, the more fun your entire party will have, which will translate into more tips for you. This job is for energetic, confident girls that can light up a room and spark a good conversation with the guest of honor and his friends for an hour of sexy, innocent fun.
  • A brand. Every stripper has their own unique style, both in the way they look and the way they perform. Decide on the fantasy you want to sell and base your look around it. The brand you choose will also play a big role in how you carry yourself and serve as a calling card for future job bookings.
  • The ability to hold a conversation. As a stripper, it can start to feel like you’re having the same conversation over and over again. “What’s your name? Where are you from? What do your parents think about your career choice?” It’s all about possessing the ability to control a conversation in a way that’s positive and comfortable for you. Very much like dating, you want to gather information on your customer so that you can establish a rapport and they can have a good time.

Tasteful Temptations is one of the most reputable entertainment companies on the East Coast. We don’t allow just anyone to work for us – we seek out the finest ladies with A+ attitudes. We love what we do and the service that we provide. Want to start earning as a stripper? Fill out our employment form.

Hosting A Holiday Party People Will Want To Attend

holiday strippers atlantic city njIt’s the holiday season, which means plenty of parties for schmoozing. Whether it’s having another family member ask about your career path or having to go to these parties stag, the holiday season can be rough for some people. Instead of suffering through another year of daft holiday gatherings, plan one of your own! Get your closest friends together for a party they’ll actually want to attend. Here’s what you’ll need:

A good venue. House parties are always fun, but they’re a hassle to deal with the next day. To avoid the cleanup, host your party at a hotel or rental hall instead! If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can rent a party bus and host your event there. Regardless, make sure there’s enough space to fit you and your guest list.

Plenty of drinks. No holiday party is complete without a case (or two) of your favorite alcoholic beverage. Plan for each guest to have 4-5 beers (or 1-2 liquor-based drinks) and purchase accordingly. If you’re feeling ultra-festive, you can serve a signature drink, like a candy cane cocktail, to really get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Plenty of snacks. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. To prevent any unwanted sickness and to further the pleasure of your guests, make sure you have plenty of snacks on deck. Simple snacks like chips and dip, soft pretzels, or cheese and crackers will do. If you’re up to it, you can serve heartier snacks, like sliders or pigs in a blanket.

Santa’s sexiest helpers! Turn your holiday season around by adding some of the hottest girls on the east coast to your guest list. Whether you want to see an intimate show with one of our girls or a wild 4-girl show, the Tasteful Temptations girls are sure to make your holiday party an event your friends won’t soon forget.

Holiday cheer. There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than by doing a gift exchange. To make your party even more entertaining, have everyone bring a gag gift for a White Elephant gift exchange. Fun gift ideas include fist-shaped drink koozies, themed underwear, and of course, farting coin banks.

Make the holidays fun again with these party ideas!

How Much Money Can Strippers Make?

private hotel strippers atlantic cityLike being a nurse or a teacher, stripping is a profession that people make a living off of. Have you ever wondered how much a stripper earns? Whether you’re looking to break into the stripping game yourself or you’re simply curious, Tasteful Temptations explains how much money strippers earn.

Quite simply, the amount of money a stripper earns depends on the amount of work they’re doing! On any given night, the amount of cash a dancer goes home with is unpredictable. It could be anywhere from $100 to $1000. Most of a stripper’s earnings come from tips, so it depends on the type of event and the number of performances they’re doing.

A stripper can earn money by doing a variety of activities including:

  • Stage Dances. Strippers perform on stage for a variety of clients who can tip at their leisure.
  • Lap Dances. These are one-on-one dances that give clients personal attention, usually attracting a larger tip.
  • Private Parties. Strippers are on location at a private event and tipped by the guests in attendance.

Most often, the strippers of Tasteful Temptations are doing private, personal parties, which means they’re earning at a consistent rate compared to a stripper performing on a stage or providing lap dances, which really depend on the people patronizing the club that evening.

It boils down to the amount of time a dancer puts into their career. The more events they do, the more money they make!

Are you a stripper looking to make more money? There are a few ways you can increase your income in this very lucrative line of work.

  • Brand Yourself. Make yourself known by choosing a name that reinforces your brand. Are you going for the naughty school girl vibe or the girl next door? Decide on the role you want to play, then choose a name, outfit, and hairstyle that correlates with that character.
  • Start A Conversation. More often than not, most guys enjoy your company more than the dance itself. Start an engaging conversation by leading with a compliment.
  • Set Goals. As a performer, your take-home pay is based on the work you put out. The more parties you book, the more money you’re going to make. Set goals for yourself and do whatever it takes to go above and beyond them so that you can make more money.
  • Connect On A Personal Level. Cultivate a following and generate regular customers by bonding with your clients. Ask about their personal lives, their jobs, and their hobbies. They’ll enjoy talking to you and more inclined to recommend you to their friends if you have a warm, welcoming personality they feel that they can bond with.
  • Invest In The Right Wardrobe. Your look is extremely important, so invest in high quality clothing to amplify your look. Choose a color scheme, then find clothing you feel sexy and confident in. Your heels should always feature straps so that they don’t accidentally go flying as you’re performing. Stay on top of your grooming routine, too, so that you always look your best.

Earn the most for your hard work with these helpful tips!

How To Behave Around A Stripper  

If you want to take your gathering to the next level, going to a strip club is not your only option. From bachelor parties to a “rite of passage” or simply wanting to have a good time, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to use a professional stripper service like Tasteful Temptations. Though there are many rules to abide by while participating in the experience we provide, these rules are in place for the girls’ and our customers’ long-term safety. Here is a few helpful tips on how to behave around our entertainers so that you are not in the dog house with the service, entertainer, or your group of friends.

  • Clean up and dress appropriately for whatever the occasion may be. We’re being serious. Not only will the entertainer appreciate it, but you will feel good, too. Want a lap dance? Consider options like khakis, dress pants, or anything soft (that does not mean sweatpants). Leave any items like keys, wallets, or phones in your back pocket or somewhere near you. Again, you will be more comfortable and so will the dancer. No one wants to be butt-dialed while you are trying to have a good time.
  • Look, don’t touch! Our girls have one job, and one job only:  to give the ultimate experience to you, the customer. It is extremely important to remember they are doing what they are being paid to do their job. Most strippers are not sex workers, and if they are employed by a reputable service, they will not participate in any sexual acts for money— that is prostitution, which is illegal in most states. Strippers specialize in providing a fantasy for their customers, and unless they have said that touching is allowed, the best thing to do is keep your hands to yourself. If you are not sure, just ask.
  • Always tip. We really mean this one. Tipping etiquette varies from an actual strip club to a house call, but for around 25 guests you will want to tip between $1-$6 per person throughout the show. These numbers are based on the party size and the level of effort from an entertainer and are up to your discretion. If you are the party planner, we recommend trading in your large bills for singles, and once your guests arrive, have them trade in too!

Remember, it is crucial to ask about the rules of the service prior to the party. Not all services are created equally, and even if you have had an experience before, it may not be exactly the same this time around. This will save you any confusion that may cause uncomfortable or awkward moments throughout the night.

Benefits of a Pole Dancing Workout

The unofficial start of summer is this weekend, which means many people are focused on perfecting their summer bod. Pole dancing is a great way to engage your core, strengthen and tone your legs, and increase your self-confidence. Whether your gym offers these types of classes or you’re looking into installing a pole in your home gym, pole dancing is a fast, effective way to reach your summer body goals. Discover all of the ways your body can benefit from pole dancing.

  • Work Everything. Pole dancing combines resistance and cardio training into one session while improving your flexibility. Using your own body weight, you’re able to train your muscles through targeted motions. On the occasions you’re climbing the pole, you have to support your body weight through the use of your entire body, giving every muscle group an even deeper burn.
  • Achieve Rapid Results. Gone are the days of doing countless sit-ups and crunches. Because pole dancing requires a lot of time spent balancing on one leg or completely off the ground, you’re able to train these muscles in less time. In fact, pole dancing can be more effective on your core than working with weights 4-5 times a week.
  • Make Cardio Fun Again. Anaerobic cardio bursts are a great way to burn fat, but running through drills on a treadmill can get pretty boring. Cardiovascular activity is a huge part of pole dancing, as you’re consistently moving around while tapping into your muscle strength.
  • Tone Without The Bulk. For those worried about bulking up too much, pole dancing can help you maintain your body weight while tightening and toning your muscles. You’ll never obtain huge muscle mass because you’re only ever using the weight of your own body.
  • Get Lean Legs. If there’s one part of the body people tend to neglect when it comes to fitness, it’s the legs. Pole dancing gives your inner thighs and quads a run for their money through dynamic stretching. Like your core, pole dancing allows you to train your leg muscles in less time.
  • Experience An Emotional Exodus. In addition to all of the physical benefits, pole dancing can be emotionally beneficial. Any form of dance is a great way to work through emotion, whether you’re feeling angry, joyful, or sad. Feeling strong and fierce? Put Katy Perry’s Roar on your playlist. Want to work through something a little tougher? Try dancing to Kesha’s Praying. Pole dancing can be done to virtually any song, making it easy for you to work through any kind of emotion.
  • Boost Your Confidence. The moves involved in pole dancing can be sexually suggestive and allow you to feel more confident about your body. Pole dancing gives you a sense of sexiness and strength that you won’t find in more traditional workout classes.

Want to look like the fit females of Tasteful Temptations? Regardless of your experience level, pole dancing can be a great workout for any body type. Give pole dancing a try this summer!

Saint Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day is this weekend, which means millions of Americans will be celebrating with plenty of green beer and Irish-inspired foods like bangers and mash. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to the Erin Express, throw your own Saint Patrick’s Day bash this year! Celebrate with these adult-friendly party elements.

  • Get your green on. No Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without the color green. Whether it’s green string lights, festive emerald banners that read “Happy Saint Pat’s!” or green-dyed food, work as many green elements into your party as you can. If you’re really into the holiday, dress up in costume as a leprechaun or wear a Kelly-Green suit to celebrate in.
  • Let the drinks flow. Keep your bar stocked for your Saint Patrick’s Day gathering. Whip up a pot of Shamrock Juice by combining gin, white tequila, light rum, vodka, Blue Curacao, and fresh squeezed orange juice. If you’re looking to serve up something a bit stronger, make Irish Flag shots by combining Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe, and Licor 43.
  • Serve up snacks. With all of that liquor being poured, you’ll need to serve some snacks to keep your friends standing. From soda bread to stew, there are plenty of Irish-inspired treats you can set out for your guests. Create a buffet fit for a king complete with corned beef, Shepard’s Pie, and sausage rolls to keep your friend’s stomachs from rumbling throughout the evening.
  • Curate the perfect playlist. Every party needs music. It helps create the atmosphere and allows your guests to feel more comfortable and relaxed. When making your playlist, don’t forget to include your favorite Irish bands like U2, The Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, and The Pogues. If you’re not sure where to start, check Spotify or Pandora for premade playlists.
  • Invite Irish beauties. Sure, your friends will show up for the food and the booze, but what they really want is to have a good time. Surprise everyone on your guest list with the Irish ladies of Tasteful Temptations. Whether you invite Brooke, Jade, Errin, Molly, or all 4, your Saint Patrick’s Day bash will be a hit.

Get wild this Saint Patrick’s Day with these festive party ideas! Call Tasteful Temptations today to book our beauties for your St. Patty’s Day bash.

Scary Sexy Halloween Party Ideas

As the weather cools down and the leaves begin to turn, families in your neighborhood are starting to gather candy and costumes to celebrate another Halloween. If you’re not into the family-oriented side of Halloween, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own fun! Celebrate with these adult-friendly party ideas.

  • Choose an age-appropriate theme. Adult Halloween parties need a theme to drive the action of the event. Themes inspire your guests to come in costume and make it easy to decorate your location. We’re not talking rainbow unicorns. Choose a theme your guests will love, whether it’s coming dressed as your favorite cult classic character or poking fun at political figures.
  • Serve festive food and beverage. Let’s be honest. Most people are coming to your event for the food and the booze. Have the bar stocked and ready for your Halloween party. Pumpkin beer, apple cider, cauldron jello shots – whatever your drink of choice is, you can bet there’s a Halloween-inspired recipe for it. Order pizza, wings, and fries from your favorite local place to keep the food simple.
  • Pump up the jams. A party without music is equivalent to the final nail in any coffin. Music adds to the atmosphere and elevates the Halloween feeling. If you don’t have a Halloween mixed CD laying around, head to Spotify or Pandora for a great themed playlist.
  • Scary good entertainment. We’ve all been to those parties where there’s not enough activity going on for it to be fun. If the weather is suitable, have most of the party set up outside. This allows you to play drink-friendly games like beer pong, flip cup, and corn hole. Take your party to terrifying heights by bringing in some outside entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a mild, 1 girl show or an all out, 4 girl extravaganza, the beauties of Tasteful Temptations will scare the pants off of you.

Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, which means these plans have to go down in less than two weeks! Call Tasteful Temptations today to book our beauties for your Halloween bash.

Tailgating At Home

It’s finally football season! That means weekends chilling with your best bros, screaming obscenities at your favorite team when they fumble the ball, and of course – tailgates. The idea of tailgating at home is a great way to save on the insane amount they charge for parking spaces at stadiums and spare yourself the post-game drive home. Plan the perfect at-home tailgate with these ideas.

Prep some grub. Nothing says football like soft pretzels and cheesesteaks. Call in to order trays of food at least 3 days in advance to ensure they’ll have enough in store. If possible, have the food delivered – you’ll have enough going on setting up that day! Rather grill something up? Check your propane or charcoal stock the night before to make sure you’re ready for grilling the next afternoon.

Pick up beer. The morning of the game, pick up beer, water, and anything else you’ll be drinking, as well as large bags of ice. Fill your beer fridge or designated cooler and allow plenty of time to chill.

Grab some serveware. Tailgating isn’t about lining your tables with the best linens and fancy silverware. Break out the folding tables and chairs and the finest plastic ware the dollar store offers. Pick up a plastic tablecloth in your favorite team’s colors to help keep the mess to a minimum.

Pick the perfect place to set up. If you have an awesome man cave equipped with a couch, bar, and jumbo television, host your tailgate there. If it’s going to be a nice afternoon and your yard is set up with an outdoor television, bring the party outside. It really depends on the layout of your house, but at the end of the day, all you really need is a television and a cable connection!

Set up games. No tailgate is complete without backyard games like ladder ball, beer pong, and corn hole. Have them set up in your yard to entertain people as they arrive. Leave everything out while you’re watching the game – people may want to play during half time or in-between games.

Score some pre-game entertainment. The beauties of Tasteful Temptations can take your tailgate to the next level. Have our girls over an hour before the game starts to get your crowd pumped up for the big show, or have them come afterward to celebrate your team’s win (or drown your sorrows, depending on the week). Whether you’re looking for 1 girl to play party games or 4 of our hottest women to really spice things up, we can help.

Bring the stadium to your living room this Sunday with these tailgating tips.

What Really Happens At Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties are about letting loose with friends and getting a little rowdy. Everyone is gathered to celebrate the guest of honor’s last night out as a bachelor before he marries his bride. Unfortunately, a lot of brides-to-be stress over this event, wondering if their significant other will remain faithful. Fortunately, most bachelor parties don’t live up to the extremes Hollywood portrays.

Whether you’re feeling a little nervous about attending your first bachelor party or you’re a significant other worried about what’s going to happen, Tasteful Temptations offers the low-down of what goes on at the bachelor parties our girls attend.

  • It’s all about having a great time. Bachelor parties date back to the time of the Spartans, who would host a dinner in honor of the groom-to-be. Since then, these events have become more extravagant. Rest assured that 99% of the time, the guy getting married is simply out to have a good time with his friends. He’s very much in love, fully committed to his relationship, and ready to get married. This is more about cutting loose with his friends.
  • There will be drinking. Imbibing in alcohol is somewhat of a staple at bachelor parties. The level of alcohol consumed varies from person to person. Some choose to have a low-key event at home, enjoying a few drinks and a game of poker. Other bachelors looking to go wild and crazy book a private party at home or in a hotel room equipped with plenty of girls and drinks. It’s totally up to the bachelor, but it’s pretty safe to say some kind of drinking will be involved.
  • Our girls put on a good show. Most often, bachelor parties are about the thought of sex, not the actual act. If the beauties of Tasteful Temptations are invited, they’re there to take a bachelor party to the next level and put on a show. They put on a good show, but that it’s not necessarily clean entertainment. At the end of the night, the bachelor party is a job for these girls. They aren’t there to convince the bachelor or any of his friends to do anything unsavory.

Remember – a little trust goes a long way. Trust is paramount in any strong relationship. If you’re a concerned fiancé worried about what mischief the guys will be up to that night, have a healthy conversation with your partner about any expectations or limitations that you may have. When both parties know what to expect, these events go over a lot smoother.

Christmas In July Party

You don’t have to wait until December for Santa Claus to come down the chimney. Hosting a Christmas in July is the perfect way to unwind in the middle of the summer and get your fill of Christmas cheer! After the Fourth of July, you won’t have another reason to celebrate until Labor Day weekend, so gather your closest friends and host a Christmas in July party. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Deck the halls. Whether you host the party at your house or rent out a space, make sure your location features holiday decor. From garland to Christmas lights, fake snow and of course, mistletoe, you’ll capture the holiday spirit. For the full Christmas in July effect, break out the fake tree and adorn it with seashells and other summertime paraphernalia.
  • Spike the eggnog. You’ll want a variety of libations to keep your guests smiling throughout the party. Eggnog and red sangria are the perfect drinks to serve at a Christmas in July event. With each sip, guests will be overcome with a sense of the holidays. Blend together red wine, whiskey, and ginger ale, then add chopped apples, oranges, and cranberries for a tasty Christmas cocktail.
  • Invite Santa’s little helpers. The girls at Tasteful Temptations can spice up any party, especially Christmas in July. Whether you want to see an intimate show with one of our girls or a wild 4-girl show, the Tasteful Temptations girls are sure to make your party an event your friends won’t soon forget.
  • Rock around the Christmas tree. Curate a playlist of all your favorite holiday tunes. Nothing gets a party going more than “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. Throw a little Crosby, Springsteen and Wham! in there to have your guests dancing and singing all night long.
  • Secret Santa. Make the party more interesting with a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. The spending limit can be as high or low as you’d like. If everyone has a good sense of humor, find gag gifts to swap with the other partygoers. This is a fun element to any party and lets your guests leave with a little something extra.

With these elements in place, all that’s left to do is create the naughty and nice guest list for your Christmas in July party!

How To Plan A Brodal Shower

If you’re engaged to be married, you know that a majority of the events leading up to the big day are bride-centric. Why should the girls get to have all the fun? A brodal shower is a fun event for the groom-to-be to celebrate with his closest friends. They’re all the fun of a bachelor party, with all the food and frivolity of a shower.

Whether you’re opting for a brodal shower in lieu of a bachelor party or you’re pulling out all the stops for your wedding and throwing both bashes, these brodal shower must-haves will help you plan the perfect boys night:

The Place. Brodal showers can be thrown anywhere. Like bridal showers, you can rent a hall or reserve a section of a restaurant to host your get together. If you’re going for more of a bachelor party vibe, pair a pre-game session at home with a night out on the town. On a tight budget? You can throw a brodal shower in the comfort of your own home, too. That just means a little more work needs to be put into planning.

The Guests. Any guy in your wedding party should be extended an invite. Additionally, consider those people who couldn’t be in your bridal party, friends who might not live around you anymore, and of course, any of your cousins who love a good party. It’s probably not ideal to invite the parents of the bride to this sort of event, just in case things get a little rowdy.

The Refreshments. If you’re into alcoholic beverages, whip up a fun cocktail for your brodal shower. Create a signature drink your guests can enjoy throughout the evening, like a MANhattan or a BROmosa. If alcohol isn’t your thing, you can still whip up these delicious concoctions as their “mocktail” counterparts. Food is also a necessary part of any brodal shower. Grill or smoke your favorite meats or have a BBQ feast catered to lessen your workload. If you’re not an Iron Chef, head to a local hotspot for your favorite eats. Make sure to call in advance to ensure they have enough room to host your event.

The Girls. We know what you’re thinking – the girls already have their own party planned! We’re not talking about those girls, though. We’re talking about the beauties at Tasteful Temptations. While the drinks flow, watch our beautiful ladies perform for you as part of your pregame or the pinnacle of your brodal shower.

Showers aren’t just for women! Throw yourself a brodal shower before you get hitched.

Graduation Party Themes For Guys

It’s that time of year again: anxious college students count down the days until they enter the “real world;” grad students wait eagerly to hear whether they’ve gotten the job or not. No matter what kind of graduation you’re anticipating this spring, a party is the ultimate way to celebrate your achievements! These graduation party themes will guide you to throwing an awesome get-together:

  • Entertainment. If you’re particularly fond of video games, a particular television series, or a movie franchise, this theme is for you! Tap into your favorite story and use those elements in your graduation party. Host a Triwizard Beer Pong Tournament and crown the next champion, or battle it out with a MarioKart drinking game to determine who can own Rainbow Road. Celebrate your success by kicking back and blowing off some steam with a little healthy competition.
  • Sports Team. Hit it out of the park with a sports-themed graduation party. The start of baseball season is synonymous with spring and graduations, making it the ideal theme for a party. Plan your event around your local teams next game, grab a few beers, and toast your achievements! If you’re not into America’s pastime, use a sport that speaks to you as your theme. Consider your favorite national team or the team that plays for your school. Gather the guys and organize a flag football tournament in your yard or cue up Madden for a low-key, sports themed graduation celebration.
  • Career. This theme works well for career-specific majors, like lawyers, doctors, cops and firefighters. These courses of study take a lot of hard work and determination, but they ultimately result in an awesome career. Order a donut cake for your police academy graduation and cuff anyone who has had too much to drink, or turn Operation into a drinking game to celebrate your doctorate. No matter what you studied in school, a party honoring the path you’ve chosen is a great way to celebrate before entering the workforce.
  • Boys Night. Are you up for an adventure? An exciting graduation party can satisfy your inner thrill seeker! Invite your closest friends over for a boys night in. The gorgeous women of Tasteful Temptations can be the icing on your graduation cake. Let the drinks flow and celebrate your degree while our beautiful ladies perform. We offer a variety of packages, each customizable to fit the vibe of your grad party.
  • School Pride. If you’re particularly proud of the school you’re graduating from, use that as your theme. Incorporate school songs, colors, and mascots into your party to commemorate your time there. Get creative and serve up your favorite college meals and drinks – ramen and Mad Dog make an excellent combo!

Throw a graduation party that encompasses your interests and celebrates who you are. Congratulations to all of the spring grads!

Vegas-Themed 21st Birthday

Many people dream of taking an extravagant trip to Las Vegas for their 21st birthday. More often than not, being able to afford a weekend in Sin City isn’t something that fits into the budget of a 21-year-old. Luckily, we’ve got a few ways you can bring the party capital of America to your 21st birthday celebration! Here’s how:

  • Gather your entourage. Pick your closest of-age friends to be a part of your big night. Be mindful that large groups can tend to slow you down, so use that vacation mindset when you’re considering who to invite. Single friends are ideal for these types of gatherings.
  • Class up your outfit. You may not be in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean personal style goes out the window. Doing so will only amplify your Vegas Birthday Bash experience. The typical dress code for a casino or nightclub on the Las Vegas strip is as follows: jeans or slacks, button down shirts, sport coats, or if you’re feeling super fancy, a full-blown suit.
  • Plan the perfect pre-game. Save yourself some money before you head out to the bar by hosting a pre-game complete with appetizers, drinks, and of course, gorgeous women. Tasteful Temptations has the perfect package for your pregame, whether you want a mild show or an all-out party.
  • Brush up on your poker game. No Vegas-themed party is complete without some friendly gambling. Whether 5 Card Poker is your game or you consider yourself a Blackjack aficionado, ante up and test your luck! You can host this portion of the night during your pregame, or make a local casino a stop on your bar crawl.
  • Make a reservation. Any time you’re planning to drink, it’s important that you eat a meal. While you may have snacks out during your pregame, planning a dinner at an upscale restaurant in your area adds an extra sense of luxury to your Vegas-themed party. Las Vegas is known for its buffet selection. Stay true to your theme and reserve a table at an all-you-can-eat steakhouse before you head out to the clubs.
  • Hit the town. Instead of making stops at all of your favorite local hotspots, head to the bars and night clubs that charge a cover. Nothing screams Vegas like having to pay to get in! Your 21st birthday only happens once, so make it a big deal. Good friends will have your back when it comes to paying covers (better friends will pay for your drinks, too).

Bring Vegas to you for your 21st Birthday with these party ideas.

Singles Awareness Day

In one week, couples around the world will celebrate the commercialized holiday that is Valentine’s Day. But for the guys and gals who aren’t in a committed relationship or dating anyone, February 14th is something more – it’s Singles Awareness Day.

It’s the anti-Valentine’s Day – a time to commiserate or celebrate your single status. Whether you recognize the holiday on February 14th or celebrate on the 15th, here are some of the best ways to treat yourself on Singles Awareness Day.

  • Belly up to the bar. Whether you’re a rum drinker or you can consume an entire case in a matter of minutes, head to the bar with your buddies to alleviate (or celebrate) being single. Make a plan to meet at a local hot spot for a happy hour, then see where the night takes you from there. You might even meet another group celebrating for the same reasons!
  • Plan a trip far, far away. When was your last vacation? If you live in the Northeast region of the United States, you know that this time of year, the weather can get pretty bleak. Use that and the quickly-approaching holiday as an excuse to plan a mini-vacation. A long weekend in Vegas or a quick flight to Florida could be just what the love doctor ordered this Singles Awareness Day.
  • Netflix and chill. The tried and true method of relaxation can be just as fun on Singles Awareness Day. You can spend this time with anyone you want; your friends, someone you just met and aren’t dating exclusively, or by yourself. Watch something you’ve never seen before to increase your chances of a good binge – Netflix releases a ton of new shows and movies each month. If you don’t have Netflix, treat yourself to an on-demand movie. After all, this day is about you and your needs.
  • Enjoy a private show. The fact that you’re single doesn’t mean you have to spend the day alone. Ease your loneliness by gathering a bunch of your single friends and inviting the gorgeous girls from Tasteful Temptations into your home this Singles Awareness Day. Nothing says “screw being single” like inviting a lovely lady or two into your home. There’s a package out there for every single, whether you’re looking for a mild 1-girl show or an all out 4-girl party package.
  • Make a personal upgrade. If you’re single, you’re solely responsible for purchasing those “treat yourself” gifts. If you’re in the market for a new cell phone, order it this week and have it scheduled to deliver on February 14th. Think of all of the things on your “want but don’t need” list. Singles Awareness Day is a great excuse to spend a little extra on yourself, whether it’s in the form of a fancy dinner for one, an upgrade to your old gaming system, or a new pair of kicks.

Celebrate YOU this Singles Awareness Day with these tempting ways to treat yourself.

Thanksgiving Eve Pregame Party Tips

It’s the biggest party night of the year- Thanksgiving Eve! Most people have off on Thanksgiving day, which makes the night before one to remember (or more accurately, one to forget). Droves of people head out to their local watering holes and run into everyone they thought they’d never see again from their hometowns. Before you make your way to the bar, gather your closest friends and throw an epic pregame party. Here’s how:

  • Set the mood with music. Do you or any of your friends dream of being Calvin Harris or Tiesto? Sign them up to play DJ. Have the most musically inclined member of your group create a playlist that will get everyone excited and ready to go out. The holidays are all about reminiscing, so make sure you throw in some nostalgic numbers from your high school years to get the “remember when” stories flowing.
  • Provide light snacks and beverages. What’s a pregame without alcohol? A couple cases of beer and a bottle or two of liquor should be enough to get the party started. You don’t want anyone to get too drunk so they don’t make it out, but everyone needs a little loosening up at the pregame party. Make sure you have water and non-alcoholic beverages on hand both for hydrating and chasing. People may or may not choose to eat once you get out, but definitely have something your guests can pick on like chips and dip, pretzels or a veggie tray. Remember, you don’t want to drink on an empty stomach.
  • Decide on a destination. Instead of scrambling to decide where to go once your Uber arrives, have everyone decide on a location before the pregame starts so you’re not worried about it once the partying is underway. It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone has a safe way of getting home once the night comes to a close.
  • Play a few games. Another way to spark nostalgia is to start playing games! Whether it’s a drinking game like beer pong or a friendly game of poker, playing a game gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy a little friendly competition. If you’re playing a drinking game, aim for the ones that require slower drinking. It’s all about pacing yourself! If you’re taking shots, make sure to limit them. You won’t be allowed into the venue if you’re visibly under the influence.
  • Spice it up with special guests. We don’t mean surprising your friends with exes from their past – we mean inviting the beauties from Tasteful Temptations! With over 200 girls to choose from, our girls can help you turn your pregame up a notch. Your friends will surely remember this pregame and talk about it for the many Thanksgiving Eves to come.

Now that you’re fully prepared for your Thanksgiving Eve pregame, you can start to think about hangover cures and Thanksgiving dinner!

Cancer-Free Parties

If you’ve been through a battle with cancer and won, there’s no better feeling in the world. What better way to celebrate your victory than with a party? Cancer-Free Parties have become one of the most popular ways to enjoy yourself after combating a horrible disease. Celebrate your life with the friends who helped you through the tough times. See how you can turn your Cancer-Free Party up a notch with these awesome ideas!

  • Invite your best guy friends. Think about all of the people who have helped you throughout your battle. Whether they drove you to chemo treatments or sat by your side on the worst days, those special individuals you hold closest to your heart should be invited to help you celebrate being cancer free.
  • Have your favorite food catered. There’s a long list of things you should and shouldn’t do when you have cancer. That list includes an even longer list of foods you can’t eat. You’ve beaten the disease, so celebrate with your favorite foods you couldn’t have, such as cold cuts, blue cheese, fruits, and veggies. Set up a drink station with a healthy mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to keep everyone satisfied. To be safe, double check with your doctor before consuming anything that had been removed from your diet.
  • Curate the perfect playlist. Think of all the music that has ever amped you up. Whether it’s the Rocky theme song or your favorite athlete’s walk-out music, throw it all into a playlist to set the mood for the night. You’ve kicked cancer’s ass; the right warrior tunes will keep the party going all night long.
  • Show your appreciation. There’s no better way to thank your best buds than with a private party stripper! Whether you’re looking for a fun, wild show or something on the playful side, we can hook you up with the girls you need. No matter how much or how little they physically did for you, thank your friends for being your rock with a classy exotic dancer show.

The exhausting battle is finally over – you’re cancer free! Organize the perfect party with these tips.

How Much Does a Stripper Cost?

You’ve heard the phrase “you get what you pay for.” That statement has never been so true as it is when it comes to hiring dancers. Second-hand dancers may seem more affordable, but the quality just isn’t there. You might expect a girl named “Candy” to show up, only to be disappointed when one “Gus” rings your bell.

The Tasteful Temptations dancers are some of the best in the business, so we compensate them fairly. We also factor in the location and time of your event to give you a reasonable price.

Here are some tips so you can get the most for your money when you hire a dancer:

  • Split the fare. To cut the cost of hiring one of our dancers, it’s best to go in with your buddies and split the total cost. You’ll be able to afford a better dancer, or even two dancers, for a longer period of time.
  • Share the wealth. This should go without saying, but you should always tip your dancers. Tips are expected during and after a performance, so follow this rule of thumb: “If you want a good show, you better bring the big bills!”
  • Have fun! Your hard-earned money is being spent on the industry’s best girls. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Our prices are extremely competitive so that we can give you the best value for your dollar. Whether you’re looking for a fun and wild night or a more mild and playful show, Tasteful Temptations can hook you up with the girls you need.

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We are looking for entertainers that have it all; good looks talent, imagination and originality that they incorporate into their performance. Reliability, honesty, and a friendly outgoing personality are a must. Our dancers are entertainers. They are not there just to take their clothes off. They are fully aware that they are the entertainment, the highlight of each special occasion. It is extremely important to us that our customers get what they paid for and expect — attractive, hassle free, classy, and friendly entertainment that is on time and professional.

No experience is necessary. If you feel you have the good looks and personality for the job, we will arrange for you to go watch as many shows as you need before giving it a try. We always suggest you try performing for the first time for a song or two at another entertainer’s show after they have performed. But not until you yourself decide you want to. This is a great way to get rid of the jitters that most new dancers have. Customers are usually very nice and enjoy being your first audience and the other girl / guy is there to help you and encourage the crowd.

We offer absolutely the highest salary in this industry, in a safe, fun & upscale environment. The dancers that work with us average $200 – $500 including their tips for a 1 hour show! In addition we offer immediate hire with flexible hours. Our models have the opportunity to be on our high traffic website offering you added exposure. Our website is visited frequently by the major men’s magazines, TV Shows, radio shows, other agencies, internet companies & photographers seeking models for various projects.
If this interests you and you are still reading this, then please email us your on line application, attach a photo if possible, or give us a call. You are not obligated to take the job. You make the decision after speaking to us and or seeing a few shows. This is a fantastic way to make a lot of money for the right individuals. All inquiries and interviews are strictly confidential. College students, single moms, or just a weekend job to provide extra income. Whatever your motivation, just contact us and get any questions you may have answered. We look forward to meeting you.


Nudists Seek Corporate Sponsor Looking For Greater Exposure

The American Association for Nude Recreation is on a bare hunt.

The nation’s largest nudist association is looking for corporate sponsors, and leaders think this might be their moment in the sun. Now that the organic food movement has given the word naked a wholesome new meaning—suggesting natural and free of preservatives—the word is popping up in all kinds of product names: Naked Pizza, Bear Naked granola, the Naked Grape Chardonnay and more than one naked lager.images (3)

American Association for Nude RecreationExecutive Director Jim Smock says the group has targeted natural products.

Since October, the group has sent about 100 query letters. They have written to the makers of “naked” products and to companies selling items their members use a lot, such as Hawaiian Tropic and BullFrog sunscreens. And they have also targeted companies they think should be interested because their advertising has gone au naturel in a fun or artful way. Those include Geico, Nike, NKE -0.08% Reebok, Dove and Delta Faucet.

“We’re hoping we’ll give the association greater exposure,” says the association’s Executive Director Jim Smock, adding a difficult to believe, “no pun intended.”

The response has been skimpy. So far, he has received three letters of regret, and a case of E. & J. Gallo Winery’s Naked Grape wine.

The nudists remain hopeful. The group has commissioned a demographic analysis of its members and is offering potential sponsors a peek at the markets they could reach. “We know we have something to offer,” says Susan Weaver, president of the Kissimmee, Fla., group.

The pitch: The typical member is a college-educated empty-nester who has disposable income and likes to travel. The nonprofit group has an annual budget of about $1.5 million, 34,000 dues-paying members in the U.S. and Canada, and 266 affiliated Nakation spots (clubs, resorts, bed-and-breakfasts and RV campgrounds).images

But the association, which lobbies for better enforcement of anti-lewdness laws rather than the creation of anti-nudity laws, is trying to cast a wider net. Consider, the group’s leaders say, the popularity of skinny-dipping. About 15% of American leisure travelers say they are interested in a resort that offers clothing-optional recreation, according to a survey by the travel marketing firm MMGY Global. And 12% say they would like to go to a nude beach.

Nevertheless, the group faces a significant hurdle. Though the 82-year-old organization has made strides in gaining social acceptance and legal protections, many people still find nudism off-putting.

Wooing major brands could be a heavy lift, given the risk of backlash and the association’s relatively small membership, branding experts say.

Their advice: The association should first give itself a face-lift, a sleeker website, a revamped logo and maybe a stripped-down name.

images (2)Karen Post, author of “Brand Turnaround: How Brands Gone Bad Returned to Glory and the 7 Game Changers that Made the Difference,” says the association’s tagline—”The credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931″—has got to go.

Ms. Weaver says she is proud of that tagline, developed with the help of a focus group seven years ago, but conceded that the group’s brand and website could use some spiffing up. She says it is one of the things she hopes to do with any money the association raises from corporate sponsors, along with expanding its education campaign.

Hers isn’t the first group to try to turn a negative image on its head.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has helped shift public opinion enough to win legalization of medical marijuana in 18 states and recreational use in two. Condom makers reinvented the product’s image as a symbol of public health. And the American Association for Justice, formerly known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, launched a campaign in November to change negative perceptions about filing lawsuits.

Tom Mulhall is an association member and owner of the Terra Cotta Inn, a nudist resort in Palm Springs, Calif. If he were making the appeal to corporate executives, he says, he would speak to their bottom line. “Nudists are where the gay community was back in the ’60s. A lot of people are still in the closet,” he says. “It’s a much bigger market than people really realize.”

The association already has several sponsors, among them Toronto’s Tilley Endurables, whose sun-shielding hats are popular among members.images (1)

“We jokingly call ourselves the official uniform,” says Tilley spokeswoman Susan Laspa. “It’s a natural fit for us.”

Tilley sponsors the association’s annual convention, takes out ads in its publications and sends the group more than 50 hats a year. In 10 years, Tilley has never experienced a backlash for supporting the nudist group, Ms. Laspa says.

She searched for the right way to describe the group. “It’s very up and up,” she said, finally.

Dove, Naked Pizza, BullFrog and Hawaiian Tropic declined to comment. A spokeswoman for Delta Faucet said the company was “flattered” but didn’t have any record of receiving the association’s letter.

Dean Jarrett, a spokesman for the Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., chuckled when told that his firm’s Geico ad—in which its gecko happens upon a clothing-optional beach—had inspired the nudist organization to approach the insurance company for sponsorship.

“Geico’s spokescharacter is always naked,” Mr. Jarrett said. “So it’s no big deal to him.” Geico didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Dan Cleary, co-owner of Cortland Beer Co. in upstate New York, was tickled when he received a letter from Mr. Smock. He pinned it up on his office wall.

Cortland Beer sells Naked Lap Lager. The brewery’s website calls its lager refreshing, like “swimming naked on a hot August night.”

Mr. Cleary said he hadn’t replied because his distribution area is small. He doesn’t ship out of state. He wondered aloud how many members the association might have in New York. “I think it’s a little cold to be running around naked.” But, on second thought, he said, he might give them a call.

Tasteful Temptations, Inc is the East Coast’s most prominent and top-rated Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Specialists. With over 200 female and male dancers, Tasteful has everything you need to make your bachelor party the most talked about event for a long, long time.
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Tasteful Temptations

How Sex Work Has Replaced A Bar Job For Students Who Struggle To Pay Bills, Loans and University Fees

Undergraduates have traditionally pulled pints or waited tables to pay their way through university, but a growing body of research suggests that a significant number are now turning to sex work to make ends meet.images (4)

The rise in fees which will see some students graduate with projected debts of up to £53,000 at the end of their course is being blamed for persuading young women and men to take up pole dancing, escort work or even prostitution. Experts say that university welfare officers are largely ignorant of the growing phenomenon and poorly equipped to deal with issues arising from young people’s involvement.

Research by Dr Ron Roberts, of the University of Kingston, published in 2010 suggested that one in four students know someone who had worked in the sex industry to fund their studies – up from three per cent in 1990. Dr Roberts found 16 per cent would consider working in the industry while more than one in 10 were open to the idea of being an escort.

images (3)Research by Teela Sanders and Kate Hardy, of the University of Leeds, found that a quarter of lap dancers had a degree whilst a third of the women they interviewed were using the job to fund new forms of training.

Much of the expansion over the decade was to do with the proliferation of lap dancing clubs. But the internet also threw up a new range of opportunities for anonymous sex work.

But although the idea of the middle-class sex worker has gained media currency – not least through the highly publicised exploits of Belle de Jour, otherwise known as Dr Brooke Magnanti, a 34-year-old research scientist – the reality can be very different.

In the Leeds study, women reported physical and verbal harassment from customers as they were forced to work in dangerous conditions.

Dr Tracey Sagar, of Swansea University, who is running a three-year project to provide advice and support to student sex workers in Wales, said the authorities were still waking up to the shift in student work patterns.

“Universities are not dealing with this issue. It is not on the radar of welfare or support organisations within education,” she said. The SponsorA site appears to cater to those seeking the so-called “girlfriend” experience where sex can be accompanied by an emotional intimacy. Ms Sagar said that many sex sites flagged up a student’s educational status which was often desirable to potential clients.images (5) uses a variety of images of women and glowing testimonials claiming to come from satisfied customers which it is feared could attract young women struggling financially.

The website claims that most of the sponsors are “men between the ages of 28 and 50 who run their own successful business and want to have discreet adventures with a student whilst helping them fund their studies through a scholarship”. It even suggests the amount is tax deductible.

images (2)However, opponents say that the unequal power relationship between sex worker and client leaves particularly women open to sexual exploitation whilst safety groups have warned women against going off with people they do not know.

Tasteful Temptations, Inc is the East Coast’s most prominent and top-rated Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Specialists. With over 200 female and male dancers, Tasteful has everything you need to make your bachelor party the most talked about event for a long, long time.
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Make Love While You Make Art



As if you needed an excuse to roll around on the floor with your partner, an abstract paint kit called Love Is Art enables couples to capture an, ahem, intimate moment on a giant canvas.


Get frisky with your partner atop a cotton canvas and a puddle of paint, and art is born. It’s not as graphic as it sounds — the end result looks something like a giant Rorshach ink-blot test (see above). Which means your guests don’t have to know where you got that edgy, original piece hanging above your sofa…unless you want to let them in on the secret.

And don’t worry about soiling your Flokati rug: Love Is Art is nothing if not thorough when it comes to cleanliness. The kit includes:images (1)


– 80” x 90” plastic sheet to protect surfaces from paint splashes
– 54” x 41” specially treated non-allergenic white cotton canvas
– 4-ounce bottle of specially formulated black, non-toxic washable paint
– Two pairs of disposable paper slippers
– Custom body scrubber

Grab your own for $60 at and get busy.

images (2)Tasteful Temptations, Inc is Atlantic City, NJ most prominent and top-rated Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Specialists. With over 200 female and male dancers, Tasteful has everything you need to make your bachelor party the most talked about event for a long, long time.
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Tasteful Temptations

Study Reveals Top 4 Sex Acts For American Couples

images Admit it: You kinda want to know what everyone else is doing in bed. Don’t we all? Last night, a new episode of the Discovery Channel’s Curiosity series called Sex in America explored the results of a 5,000-person sex survey published in 2010 by Indiana University. The last such study was done by Alfred Kinsey himself 60 years ago — and boy have things changed.

Here’s what the couple next door is probably doing when the lights go out: First of all, only a third of the 2010 study’s respondents only have sex in the missionary position, in favor of what the show calls an “increased variety” of sexual behaviors compared to Kinsey’s day. These are the top four sex acts that American couples participate in, in descending order of “popularity”:

1. Penile-vaginal sex

2. Oral sex

3. Partnered masturbation

4. Anal sex

Why are we more adventurous now than we were in the 1950s? For starters, the introduction of the birth control pill in tkyear meant sex was now recreational, not just for procreation. Plus, books like The Joy of Sex gave Americans “ideas” about what to do in bed that they had never heard of.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Read more fun facts about the study here,

Tasteful Temptations, Inc is Atlantic City, NJ most prominent and top-rated Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Specialists. With over 200 female and male dancers, Tasteful has everything you need to make your bachelor party the most talked about event for a long, long time.
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Tasteful Temptations

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Sex

10.Weight Loss


Fascinating Fact: Sexual acts lead to weight loss

The average human loses 26 calories when kissing for a minute. Furthermore, vigorous sex for half an hour burns 150 calories (you can lose three pounds in a year – if you have sex 7 to 8 times a month). Kissing is also very good for your teeth: the extra saliva released during the act helps to keep the mouth clean – reducing the risk of decay.

9.Pubic Wigs


Fascinating Fact: In Victorian times, whores wore pubic wigs

The pubic wig (merkin) has been around since the 1400s when it was originally worn by women who had shaved their pubic hair off to prevent lice. In the Victorian times it was frequently worn by prostitutes who wanted to conceal the fact that they had diseases like syphilis (Honest – we aren’t merkin’ this up). They are also used in the film industry to conceal actors genitals in nude scenes.


800Px-Condom 1900

Fascinating Fact: Condoms were originally made of animal intestines or linen

In Asia before the fifteenth century, some use of glans condoms (devices covering only the head of the penis) is recorded. In China, glans condoms may have been made of oiled silk paper, or of lamb intestines. In Japan, they were made of tortoise shell or animal horn (ouch). In the 16th century, condoms were often made with linen sheaths soaked in a chemical solution and allowed to dry before use. The cloths were sized to cover the glans of the penis, and were held on with a ribbon. Pictured above is an animal intestine condom from the early 1900s.

7.Not Tonight Josephine

Heac-Main Full

Fascinating Fact: Sex cures headaches

Next time your significant other refuses your advances by claiming to have a headache, remember this fact: the sex act can help to cure a headache. Sex causes the body to release endorphins which naturally reduce the pain of a headache.

6.Skin Care


Fascinating Fact: Sperm is good for the skin

The proteins in sperm have a tightening effect on the skin. When sperm is left to dry, the evaporation of the water in it leaves behind protein which can help to reduce wrinkles. While this may be an excellent anti-aging treatment, the obvious downside is that you have to walk around with sperm on your face.

5.Pubic Hair


Fascinating Fact: Pubic hair is programmed to grow a certain amount

All hair on the body is controlled by a “growth program” which determines the growth duration (and consequently the length) of hair. Pubic hair has a shorter growth duration (on average just a few months) compared to hair on the head. This is what stops pubic hair growing to unmanageable lengths.

4.Blowsy Gal


Fascinating Fact: The term “blow job” comes from the Victorian times

In Victorian times, a slang term for a prostitute was “blowsy”. At the same time, “blow” was slang for ejaculation. Consequently, by the 1930s, the act of fellatio came to be known as a blow job. It was also used to describe jet planes in World War Two. In Ancient Greece, the common slang for a blow job was “playing the flute”.

3.Male Porn

Snf30Spdbn-380 768322A

Fascinating Fact: Men looking at male porn produce more sperm

Studies have shown that men who looked at porn of two men and one woman produced more sperm than those who looked at just women. Scientists speculate that seeing competition makes men step up their baby-making capacities.

2.Sex For Fun

Bonobo Nb07

Fascinating Fact: Humans aren’t the only creatures to have sex for fun.

Humans aren’t the only members of the animal kingdom that have sex just for fun. Dolphins and Bonobo chimps have also been observed engaging in sexual activity, when they are not in their natural reproductive cycles. With the exception of a pair of Cohan gorillas observed doing so, bonobos are the only non-human animal to have been observed engaging in all of the following sexual activities: face-to-face genital sex, tongue kissing, and oral sex. When Bonobos come upon a new food source or feeding ground, the increased excitement will usually lead to communal sexual activity, presumably decreasing tension and allowing for peaceful feeding. Interestingly, Bonobo chimps also play and experience joy like humans.

1.Animal Prostitution


Fascinating Fact: Some female penguins engage in prostitution

Believe it or not, in the wild, certain female penguins (even when in a committed relationship) will exchange sexual favors with strange males for the pebbles they need to build their nests. According to Dr Fiona Hunter (a zoologist): “It tends to be females targeting single males, otherwise the partner female would beat the intruder up.” On some occasions the prostitute penguins trick the males. They carry out the elaborate courtship ritual, which usually leads to mating. Having bagged their stone, they would then run off.

Tasteful Temptations, Inc is Atlantic City, NJ most prominent and top-rated Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Specialists. With over 200 female and male dancers, Tasteful has everything you need to make your bachelor party the most talked about event for a long, long time.
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Tasteful Temptations

Study: Strip Clubs and Strippers Beneficial to Mens Health

The first thing you notice in the VIP dining room of the Penthouse Club in Sauget are the chairs. Actually, scratch that. The first things your eyes adjust to in the near pitch-black darkness is the stuffed lion, the moose bust over the fireplace and the stone grotto in the corner. Then you notice the chairs.


The seats dwarf the tables. Michael Ocello, president of the VCG Holdings (the publicly traded company that owns the Penthouse Club and 18 other adult nightclubs in 10 states), tells me that the company had the chairs specially made.

“The arms are reinforced and have a cushion perfectly sized for a woman to take a seat,” says Ocello, who has our server — a petite blonde named Tiffany in fishnet stockings and a corset — demonstrate. “See. This way you can have two women seated with you and they’re not on your lap. Which can be fun — until your legs fall asleep.”

But Ocello didn’t invite me to the Penthouse Club today to discuss furniture. No, he has something much more interesting to report: the study that found strip clubs like his can be good for your health.

“We were very surprised by the findings,” says Ocello, whose VCG Holdings commissioned Empire Research to conduct the study. “Besides the obvious — beautiful women — we wanted to know what attracted men to adult clubs. We always knew that our clubs made men feel good, but we didn’t expect the researchers to come back with medical findings that our clubs can also be healthy for you.”


Then again, if you think about it, it makes sense, says Ocello. “As a society, 54 percent of us feel overwhelmed with work. We only have 16 hours or so of leisure time a week and more and more of that is interacting with people via Facebook or the Internet. We’re social creatures. We need human touch, human contact.”

The study suggests that strip clubs can lower Cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone” that can lead to heart disease, while also boosting Oxytocin, the so-called “love hormone.” Moreover, strip clubs tend to increase testosterone which naturally declines as men age.

“They’ve done saliva tests that show that men’s testosterone increases when they’re surrounded by beautiful women,” says Ocello. “Why is that? Because there’s no fear of rejection. The women are going to talk to you. They’re going to flirt with you. That’s how it works. The question is: would you rather go to the gym and do push ups to increase testosterone, or spend her time here surrounded by beautiful women?”images

So, how long til doctors begin prescribing a trip to the strip club to their patients?

“I don’t know, but if you look at the footnotes to our study, it comes from them,” says Ocello. “Our research is from the medical community!”

Sex Confession: I attended my very first orgy, Alyssa from Philadelphia

I spontaneously took a bus from Philadelphia to NYC one Friday for a single reason: My friend Lexi was attending an orgy and I wanted to check it out. It was just a college themed party, so at first I blew it off. As a second semester freshman I’d already been to my fair share of frats and house parties and I didn’t think this so called orgy party would be fruitful, or even fun. But Lexi assured me that kids at her school “committed” to these sorts of things, so I admit, my curiosity was piqued.images-6

Casual (but responsible!) sex with strangers has never been taboo to me. While I know there’s a time and place for romantic sex, at this point in my life, I much prefer the no-strings-attached kind. It beats the awkward meeting in class the next day or the weird limbo of expectations that can occur with a friend-with-benefits for whom you suddenly develop feelings. Sure, critics say casual sex is just as awkward when you unexpectedly bump into your one-night stand walking down the street to class, but, hey, that’s what iPods and cell phones were half invented for right? And given the large number of students on my campus, one-night stands with neither expectations nor awkward repercussions are not uncommon. All the same, I’d never actually experienced anything like a party with pure unadulterated sex before.

More than anything, I wanted to see the inner workings of an orgy — I wanted to know what orgy sex looks like. Because while I’m a fan of casual sex, it has to be for the right reason — meaning, for the sake of the sex itself. It can’t be because I’m lonely or hurting or need my self-worth validated by outside sources. I see this kind of casual sex all over my campus — would an orgy be a way to enjoy a purer form of casual sex? Sure, plenty of college parties end in casual sex, but I had never attended a party where the explicit goal was sexual pleasure. Would the party be filled with desperate girls with daddy issues? Annoying frat boys? Or legitimately interesting people who were comfortable with their sexuality?images3

Getting dressed for the party was the first step. It seemed so simple — you showed up with no clothing, but both Lexi and I agreed that although the rather large bottle of Skyy Vodka we’d been sharing was almost empty, we hadn’t lost enough inhibitions yet to step through the door in the nude.

The invitation stated that a shot would be required for every article of clothing one decided to wear to the party. Clearly if we still had our inhibitions now, they wouldn’t be an issue inside the party. We briefly flirted with the cliché idea of wearing trench coats over lingerie, but finally settled on wearing street clothes over our lingerie and making the final decision on whether or not to get naked at the door of the party.

The amount of alcohol present and the pressure to drink was a bit disconcerting. I’m sure at a more legitimate orgy party, the free flow of booze would have been frowned upon. Consent is absolutely key in any sort of sexual behavior and an orgy party is no different. But no one was so incapacitated to my knowledge that they no longer knew what they were doing.

Once inside the party house, I had to laugh. It looked like a teenager’s interpretation of a cheesy strip club: the lights were dimmed and covered with red Saran wrap, so a red glow covered the room. We took our prerequisite shots at the door and then entered. The walls were covered with printed-out tips on how to perform the most outrageous sex positions, probably only realistic for yoga teachers or Olympic gymnasts.images-7

Also taped to the walls were female condoms and packets of lube, while wrapped male condoms hung from the ceiling on pieces of string (okay, so maybe not entirely like a cheesy strip club). I’ve always been an advocate of safer sex — especially since an orgy suggests sex with total strangers — so the protective offerings were a comforting sight to me. All you had to do was grab your favorite prophylactic and whisk your lucky sexual partner into one of the many side rooms that lined the hallway.

At least, that was the theory of the party. In practice, the dynamic was more awkward than I’d imagined. Granted, my only prior experience of orgies was in porn, where the sex is so unrealistic — laughable even. No pizza delivery guy just happens to show up at a slumber party where the girls forgot cash and have to resort to other forms of payment. Turns out real life and real sex is nothing like porn — even at an orgy.

In other words, there was just as much flirtation and innuendo and small talk as there was sex. And even at an orgy — or, perhaps I should say, even at a college orgy — it’s not particularly comfortable to approach a stranger for sex. The thought of rejection is always a hanging possibility. So the conversations weren’t much different from any other college party — the only difference being that the girls’ clothing ranged from barely there lingerie to flimsy dresses to dominatrix suits, while the boys wore mainly underwear — let’s just say I’ve seen enough Calvin Klein boxers and briefs to design their next spring line. No one was brave enough to socialize naked.

Still, some people managed to overcome the awkwardness — out of the corner of my eye I watched attractive strangers enter side rooms down the hallway, some in twos, some in threes, some in mores. My friend soon disappeared with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, I stood near the makeshift bar and asked for a cranberry and vodka while scanning the room. Nothing like liquid courage to help the process of finding someone to bed.images-42

I started chatting to one guy and the awkwardness dissipated once he realized that I just wanted to talk for a bit — at least until chemistry had been established or ruled out. Until, that is, he pointed at my arm and said “Hey… is that a rash or something?” I panicked — had I somehow caught herpes by just being in this environment?

My entire body was breaking out in hives and my throat started to feel itchy. I looked at my drink and then back at the makeshift bar. I spotted the cranberry juice… that was actually cranberry-strawberry juice. I was having an allergic reaction at an orgy.

Needless to say, my motley appearance didn’t exactly draw huge crowds of cute boys. More importantly, I was on the verge of dying without my EpiPen. Exiting the orgy at a run, I hailed the first cab I saw and headed to my friend’s dorm to be rescued by my EpiPen.

After I had thoroughly examined my rash, I sat down and contemplated my night. I was disappointed at my early departure — allergic to an orgy, how embarrassing! — but, in retrospect, I don’t think most orgies actually work this way. First, there was far too much alcohol. Second, although I have no doubt that many people had sex that night, I’m not sure it was completely stranger sex (for the most part, all the people at the party attended the same university). Finally, I think that orgy sex, like all good sex, requires a degree of comfort and communication to be established before the fact. And that’s just not something you get at a boozy college party, no matter how many condoms are hanging from the ceiling.images-33

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Tasteful Temptations

Hot Wife Wants a Porno Threesome

We had been married for just a few years and enjoyed an exciting and adventure filled sex life. Mr. NewHouston had some wild sexual adventures before we were married. His favorite was with a married couple that had him join them. He said the woman loved having two men at one time and said I should consider it sometime. While I was open to the idea I wanted to find just the right guy for my first time taking on two men.
One weekend without planning it all happened and it was great. My husband had his college friend Allen coming to stay with us for a weekend visit. We had all gone to college together and before meeting my husband I was hot for his friend. My husband knew this and mentioned that this would be an opportunity to have my first threesome and finally fill my desire to have sex with Allen.

Allen has a very sexy body and has a personality much like my husbands. Both are very funny and outgoing. Qualities that I find very sexy in a man.


Friday night his friend arrived and we made dinner and watched a football game. I sat on the couch between them and started thinking if I would go for it or not. When the game was over my husband put in a porno that featured two guys with one girl. Both of them started to tease me and joke about acting out what was going on in the video. What the guys did not know was that the video was getting me turned on. The more I watched the more I wanted both of them. After about 30 minutes I decided to get things going.

I got up from the couch and waked into our bed room and started to undress with the door open. The way our house is you can see into our bedroom from the couch so both of them could see me undress. Needless to say Allen’s eyes got big when I stripped down completely and stood naked in the doorway. My husband smiled at me and then looked at his friend. Looks like the wife needs a real good fucking and I think she wants you to help buddy, he said getting up from the couch.

Both of them walked into the bedroom and I dropped to my knees and undid my husbands jeans. Our friend just stood in the doorway looking shocked as I started sucking my husbands cock. Dam baby it looks like the porno turned you on, he said watching me work on my husband.


She is great at sucking cock, my husband said. Come on over and let her show you. I want to see you eat her pussy, he said to my husband. I got up on the bed and spread my legs wide apart. My husband stripped off his cloths and started playing with my pussy. I was so wet you could hear my juice as my husband started finger me. Dam she is so hot I can hear her wet pussy over here, Allen said. Spreading my lips apart with his fingers my husband started darting his tong on my clit. Turning my head to face our friend my hands squeezed my breast and pinched my nipples. Fuck her with a few fingers our friend instructed. OOOHHHH I moaned as my husband complied with the request. The situation was so hot. Our friend was not only watching me get my pussy eaten but was giving instructions! My husband started sucking on my clit and fucking me with two fingers. This sent me over the edge and my body shook with a powerful climax.

Our friend was still standing in the doorway looking at me naked on the bed with my husband now standing between my legs. Looking at my husband I asked if it was ok to fuck our friend. I felt like a real slut asking my husband if I could fuck our friend. Go on honey go suck his dick, my husband replied.

I got up from the bed and walked over to Allen and dropped to my knees. He was nervious as I undid his pants and pulled them to the floor. His cock was fully hard and I quickly grabbed it and started licking every inch.


Oh yes you were right she is a great cock sucker he said to my husband. After working my tong down the shaft and back again several times I sucked him into my mouth. Jacking him off as tried to get as much of him in my mouth as possible. His cock was much longer than my husbands but not as thick. My husband is a thick six inches where his friend is thin and eight inches.

Looking down at me my husband said, suck his balls baby. Opening my mouth wide I sucked his entire sack into my mouth and gently sucked while jacking him off. Oh shit that feels good, our friend said. She is in her slut mode and I need your help to give her a good fucking, my husband said.

images-43At this point I wanted to get fucked by both of them all night. I stopped my sucking and had both of them get on the bed.

The three of us moved to the bed and Allen was on his back with his long thin cock pointing up like a flag pole. I had wanted to fuck him for so long and at last it was about to happen. I moved on top of him sitting on his lap. I could feel his hard cock against my ass as my hands rubbed his smooth solid chest. He reached up and started playing with my tits. You have real nice breast he said.

My pussy was so wet that I was able to get his cock in me with no effort. OOOHHH I moaned as I slowly pressed back getting him in me. Laying down next to us on the bed was my husband. You like his cock in you baby, he asked and I softly moaned while getting more inches in me. Oh yes it feels so good, I said. Tell me what you like about his cock, he asked. It ‘s so long, I said as I felt it reach my cervix. I can feel her cervix Allen said as I was inching more of him in me.

I had never had a cock go so deep in me before. Allen moved his hands to my ass and grabbed both cheeks giving them a shake. She likes getting spanked, my husband said. Looking in my eye Allen said you want me to give you a good spanking baby. Yes I whispered. His hands grabbed each cheek real hard and then let go. SMACK SMACK! He quickly slapped one cheek and then the other. AAAHHH I moaned as the swats made me wiggle and move his cock around in me. Grabbing each cheek in a hand he started moving me up and down on his cock slowly. Giving my ass a smack after every few thrust. OH GOD I moaned as his long cock slowly pumped in and out of me. She has sexy dreamed for a long about having you fuck her, my husband said. He was right. I had wanted to fuck Allen in college and now it was almost 10 years later and here I was ridding his cock as my husband watched.


You ready to cum baby, Allen asked. Before I could answer he spread his legs out making mind spread further and then thrust his hips upward. His cock went in deeper and I felt his balls press against my pussy lips. AAAHHH I moaned as his cock was now pressed all the way in me. Never before had my pussy been entered so deep. What happened next was amazing. Pressing his hips upward he lifted me in the air and pressed his cock in me up to his balls. The he quickly lowered his hips pulling several inches of his cock out. I would crash down slamming all his cock back into me. He then repeated this very fast several times. I have never screamed with pleasure so loud during sex before. My tits were flopping around and my ass was warm with the spanking. It was like being fucked on a pogo stick. Bouncing up and down on his cock had me on the edge of climax in seconds. Then he stopped and spanked my ass real hard. You like my cock fucking you hard don’t you baby, he said giving my ass some good swats. Breathing heavy I gasp agreement. You want some more don’t you, he asked. Yes please fuck me baby don’t stop, I said. Don’t ask me ask your husband for permission. What a turn on to ask my husband for permission to get fucked by his friend. Turning to my husband I asked. Please can I get fuck hard by his cock I begged, I want to get fucked by him so baby I begged. Promise to be a good little slut and you can, he said. I promise to be a good slut, I said.

With that he lifted me up again on his cock and held me in the air for a second or two and then resumed the hard fucking. I moaned out loud as he bounced me on his cock. The room was filled with the sound of me screaming in pleasure and the thumping of his balls smacking against my pussy. YEA YEA AAAAHHH I screamed as I started cuming. I made so much noise that I am sure people down the street could hear me. Allen lifted his hips upward keeping his cock all the way in and he wiggled from side to side. This pressed my clit against his body while I was cuming and made me cum again. I have never ever had this happened before! It was my first ever double. My body was shaking out of control as I reached a new level of pleasure. Dropping forward onto Allen I felt spent.


I rolled off and into the middle of the bed. My husband brought me a glass of ice water as I rested trying to catch my breath. Allen moved his cock to my face and I started licking. She is tasting herself, he said as I tasted my cum for the first time. My husband watched while playing with my breast. Your husband is going to fuck you from behind while you suck my cock, Allen said.

We moved into position with Allen standing next to the bed and my husband behind me. As I worked Allen’s cocks with my mouth my husband started pumping me slowly and giving my ass soft swats. I don’t know what I like better her pussy or her mouth, Allen said.

After licking and sucking his cock clean Allen told me to switch. I turned around with my ass now toward Allen and my husband was laying on the bed with his legs spread. I started sucking and arched my ass in the air. Allen started slowly pumping all the way in and then almost all the way out. He caressed my ass with his hands and gave me a swat from time to time. I sucked hard on my husbands cock and wanted to make one of them cum. Dam her pussy feels great Allen said. I was being a slut and loved every single second. What a sexy ass you have, he said pumping me. The way it shakes when I thrust in you is hot baby. He spanked my ass a few more time and then pulled out saying he did not want to cum just yet.

Allen had me get on my back with my head handing off the bed. Standing over me his cock was above my face. My husband spread my legs wide and started fucking me. Opening my mouth wide I sucked on his balls as he started jacking off. You going to cum on her tits, my husband asked as he started fucking me faster. Yea, I am going to shoot on her tits and face, he said. I grabbed my breast and pushed them together and shook them. At the same time I moved my mouth from his balls to the spot between his balls and asshole. Oh shit that’s hot he said as I felt the first several drops of hot cum hit my tits. My husband started driving in me fast and hard almost knocking me off the bed. Allen stepped back and shot the remaining load on my face. At that moment my husband pulled out and shot his load on my belly. Both of them groaned and slapped there cock on me. I opened my mouth and sucked the head of Allen’s cock in my mouth and swallowed a few drops.


The three of us took a shower together and both of them washed me clean of cum. It was the most erotic and wild sexual experience I had ever had.

On Sunday it was an hour before we had to take Allen to the airport. I asked the guys you guys up for a quickie? Get your ass on the bed the guys said and I did quickly. I dropped my shorts and panties and arched my ass in the air. Both of them did the same and stood behind me. Allen entered me first and started pumping me slowly. Dam you have a sexy ass, he said. That is when my husband whispered something to him and I tried to hear but could not tell what he was saying.

AAAAHHH I moaned as Allen started fucking me fast with his entire cock. He balls making that slapping sound with every thrust. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass hard and my husband replaced him and started fucking me the same way. OOOOHHHH I screamed as my husband opened my pussy wide. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass hard. Allen replaced him quickly and continued the wild fast fucking. Each of them were coming within a few pumps of making me cum before pulling out. This went on and on and I was going crazy hanging on the edge of letting loose. Then Allen thrust all the way in and grunted loud. His hot cum shot deep in me as I started to cum as well. When finished he gave my ass a few more slaps and pulled out. My husband replaced him and shot his load in a few seconds. For the first time I had two guys cum in me within seconds.

images-51After catching my breath and cleaning up my slut weekend ended as we drove Allen to the airport.

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Tasteful Temptations

Safe Sex? Theres an app for that

Being exceptionally smart and informed readers, I know you all must exchange doctor-certified proof of your STD status before hopping into bed with a new partner. What’s that you say? No? You rely on your partner’s word?

Well, of course you do. It can be difficult enough to bring up the STD conversation in the first place, and bringing paperwork into bed doesn’t do much to ignite the mood. It’s also highly impractical: How many of us hit the town on a Friday night with test results folded up in our wallet or stuffed in our purse? Besides, in the age of Foursquare check-ins at STD clinics, the idea seems downright absurd.

Now technology has closed the gap in the form of a new app, MedXSafe. You get tested and then your doctor vouches via the service that you’re STD free. Next time you find things heating up, you can “bump” phones with your partner to share the proof of your negative test, which provides copious opportunities for corny come-ons — say, “Before we bump uglies, let’s bumpphones.” (You can have that one for free. You’re welcome.)

Keep in mind, the usual STD-test caveats apply here: Just because a partner tested negative on Monday doesn’t mean that they didn’t contract something by Friday, and people can get false negatives.

This all might reasonably raise Big Brother-y fears, but the company behind the app says the data is “encrypted end-to-end” and that you alone are in charge of who sees your information. Plus, the service never shares positive results, only negative results. Still, I fully expect to one day tell my awed children, “I know it’s hard to believe, but back in my day we didn’t have a database of potential dates’ STD status, sexual performance reviews and DNA analysis.”

Tasteful Temptations

The Do’s and Don’ts of Swinging

Although the majority of swinging will end up involving lovemaking and getting frisky with each other’s partners, it isn’t all about just that. Swinging is about building up the atmosphere of warmth and belonging.

Whether you are at a party with another couple or with another person for a threesome, you will be having a great time eating, drinking and chatting. To get into the comfort zone, building camaraderie with someone is essential to get down on the knees later.

Swingers can differentiate between fun and friendship. The love and companionship provided by their existing relationship is bare and transparent. There are no rough edges anywhere and they make sure of that or there may be trouble.


Thus, though swingers may have many sexual relationships, only a single emotional relationship exists. Although close friendships are formed within the community, swingers often feel nothing is more important than their own partner. The friendships and companionship among swingers strengthen the primary stem of the relationship rather than damage it.

How can Swinging help your Relationship?

Swingers lay claim that lovemaking is more intimate because they are with a partner who encourages their fantasies. The partner is so confident that jealousy is not an issue. Swingers also vouch that swinging makes infidelity less likely, as they know they can have physical contact with others with their partner’s consent.

Various responses exist to those who object to swinging on the basis of faith. Many swingers feel their activities in their own homes or private clubs are not for others’ justification. Others believe that as long as they consider their relationships sacred, playing does not contradict the sanctity and is consistent with spiritual values. Two additional considerations should be made when it comes to swinging. The first is that the couple defines cheating. As long as the couple have a definition and stay within their boundaries, no cheating would occur. Secondly, some argue that adultery is incongruent with the original definition.

Another common response to moral and philosophical objections is that there is a difference between physical intimacy and love. Contradictorily, this is one of the objections that religious groups have, that this distinction should not exist, meaning both physical intimacy and love should be the same physical agenda.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Swinging

Be truthful and honest when you talk to your partner about your feelings. If you feel jealous of your partner, or have any other uncomfortable feelings about the whole sexual step, tell your partner. If you don’t, they will only come out later and be much more awkward and damaging.

Once you get to the swingers’ joint, be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else. Being friendly, good-natured and exuding a warm aura has a positive effect on everyone. Leaving your inhibitions at home, both physical and social is a must as it can interfere with your swinging pleasure.

You can’t expect to get much out of a swingers’ party if you aren’t prepared to put much in. Stay close to your partner but not in a clingy way as it may ward off others from approaching either of you. Know your needs, interests and desires and let everyone know about them. Practice safe sex and don’t go beyond limits, even if you intend to try new things.


Are you ready to swap partners?

Don’t be Pushy

Invite someone you’re interested in, in a clean manner and leave the decision-making to them. Don’t ask them for reasons or explanations, even if it’s your partner. Don’t carry on your sweet talking to convince someone if they’ve declined. You’d only drive a nail through your relationship. Don’t overindulge in alcohol. Don’t take someone who isn’t interested and not informed, about the actual course of the night.

Don’t take a Ticket

Don’t take a ‘ticket’ to a swingers’ party (a ticket is the one who goes just to get you in and not to take part). Don’t disturb the swinging pleasures of others. Don’t be rude and try to cheat or lie. Don’t give personal details to anyone at the party if you aren’t comfortable. Don’t be vague about your desires. Don’t cross other people’s limits.

Are you sure about this?

Swinging isn’t for everyone. People need to discuss between themselves, the different factors including jealousy, self-esteem, or any relationship problems, prior to entering into the swinging lifestyle. If any of these areas are of major concern to either person, then chances are, you aren’t ready to enjoy the swinging lifestyle and all of its benefits.

Why are you swinging, really?

It is to be noted that swinging is to enhance your relationship, not to repair or rebuild it. A couple receptive to new and different sexual experiences will begin to explore different avenues of shared sexual fulfillment to continue to grow together. Couples who want to find a way to reconnect physically and emotionally are more likely to make it through a swingers’ party together.

It provides sexual variety, adventure, and the opportunity to live out fantasies as a couple without secrecy and deceit. But never ever join a swinging community and use that as an excuse to cheat on your partner.

Swinging, if done respectfully, can enhance your relationship by a mile. But then again, it is wicked ideas like these that make sentences like the next one appear. Do it if you want, stay away if you want, because indulgences like these really are to each their own!
Tasteful Temptations

Fun Foods to Use During Sex


Whipped Cream

Cliché with good reason, whipped cream is ideal for its sweet taste, easy application and seductive, signature sound. Simply apply the whipped cream to any part of your lover’s body, and enjoy the removal process with the assurance that it won’t melt.

Peanut Butter

Packed with as much protein as possibilities, peanut butter can be playfully scooped and sensually applied with the finessed flick of a finger. After application, near your finger to your partner’s lips, encouraging them to taste you before you taste them. Unlike its jellied companion, peanut butter won’t run as your bodies move.

Ice Cubes

When it comes to frozen treats, keep the gelato and popsicles on ice. If you’re looking to get icy and spicy, stick to plain-water cubed ice—they won’t leave your skin sticky or mess up those sheets. In addition, the cold sensation of ice followed by the warmth of your mouth will send shivers up their spine.

Granulated Sugar

Synonymously sweet and easy to sprinkle, a light lick of your partner’s skin proves to be the perfect adhesive for a few sugar crystals. Optimal bodily areas to (lightly) dust with sugar include your lover’s neck, the inside of the thighs and around the breasts. Don’t go overboard though, as doing so could lead to a grainy ‘sandy sheets’ feeling.


We all remember our teenage days of playing “pass the ice cube” whilst kissing. Recapturing the playfulness of this game in adulthood, we recommend using fruit—especially cherries, grapes and strawberries. Start with a piece of fruit in your mouth and passionately pass it to your partner, savoring both the taste and the experience.

The rule of thumb for bringing food and beverage into the bedroom is to avoid sticky situations and keep it clean and sweet. But remember, while some foods have playful properties, others have very real libido boosting powers.

Atlantic City Strippers : What To Watch Out For

atlantic city stripper tips

The strippers you hire for your bachelor party can make or break your special event. It’s important that you hire your entertainment through a professional company that can deliver hot & sexy, flirty, talented, fun, and exciting women. Tasteful Temptations’ strippers are the best of the industry and will leave your guests stunned with their unforgettable wild & hot shows.

Many people fall victim of stripper scams, so we thought we’d put together some questions and tips to ensure you are hiring an Atlantic City Stripper company that can deliver hot and quality entertainment for your special event:

Is the company real and trustworthy? Take a look at the company’s website and other information online. Do they have bad reviews?

Are the strippers working for themselves? Never hire strippers who work independently. They will often times show up late, will look terrible, rush your show, and scam you out of hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Are there any hidden fees? Lots of companies have many hidden fees they don’t tell you about until you’re opening up your wallet at a show. Make sure you ask about any fees you may be required to pay besides the cost of the show.

Is the show full nude? Most companies advertise full nude on their websites, but do not deliver full nude during the show. Make sure you confirm that the show will be full nude to get the most bang for your buck.

Are they familiar with the area? Make sure the company you hire is familiar with the area your event is located in. There’s nothing worse than having a room full of men waiting around while the best-man gives directions to a lost stripper on the phone.

Ask around. This is probably the best tip you could ever get in regards to hiring the right strippers for your bachelor party. Ask your buddies what their experiences have been with other companies and if they “know a guy”. I guarantee they will refer you to Tasteful Temptations.

These guidelines and tips will help to ensure your bachelor party is wild, crazy, and one that your buddies will never, ever forget!

Ocean City, MD Bachelor Parties- Your Naughty Hot Spot

beth1Ocean City, Maryland is one of the East Coast’s top hot-spots for beach and shore fun… but what most people don’t know is it’s also one of the best places to have a bachelor or bachelorette party! Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should have your bachelor or bachelorette party in Ocean City, MD!

1.) Fun Atmosphere

Ocean City is known for it’s gorgeous beaches and amazing boardwalk! The boardwalk is almost 3 miles long and has something for everyone–eateries, specialty shops, souvenir shops, arcades, Jolly Roger and Trimper’s amusement park rides, restaurants, bars, night life, and let’s not forget Thrasher’s French Fries and Fisher’s Popcorn! It’s the perfect morning-after cure for your wild bachelor party. A nice relaxing day on the beach accompanied by some ice cream and french fries.

2.) Perfect Summer Weather

Ocean City’s summer weather is utter perfection. Not too hot, not too cold. Those hot summer days are cut nicely by the cool breeze of Ocean City’s shore and make for the perfect Bachelor and Bachelorette party weather. The only sweat you’ll be breaking is from getting too funky on the dancefloor with all your pals 😉

3.) Tons of Amazing Bars and Restaurants

Ocean City is home to many amazing bars and restaurants! The city’s top-rated bachelor party bar/restaurants are Seacrets Bar & Grille, Fager’s Island, and Sunset Grille. Check out Ocean City’s Website for a full list of Dining options!

4.) Young, Beautiful, Diverse Crowds

Ocean City is full of fun, beautiful, and gorgeous women and men that are ready to party! They will ad flare and fun to your already crazy event!

5.) Guaranteed Amazing Entertainment

When it comes to wild and crazy entertainment for your Bachelor and Bachelorette party in Ocean City, Maryland- you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about! Tasteful Temptations is the East Coast’s top rated private strip service and has been providing wild and crazy entertainment for Ocean City, MD parties for over 10 years. They have many packages and are able to work with many different budgets. Give them a call and get your party started!

Make Ocean City, MD your top pick for your bachelor or bachelorette party! And be sure to Call 1-888-285-2489 to book your hot and naughty entertainment for your special event!

Poconos Bachelor Parties – Your Mancation Up the Mountains

ImageThe Pennsylvania Poconos is the PERFECT destination for you fun, wild, and crazy bachelor party! With tons of amazing activities and nightlife choices, planning your special event in the Poconos is a no-brainer!

The Pocono Mountains offer unique experiences to make your bachelor party unforgettable! Here are some of the great activities the Poconos has to offer:

Make sure to include Tasteful Temptations in your Poconos Bachelor Party fun! Tasteful Temptations, Inc is the East Coast’s most prominent and top-rated Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Specialists.
Ocean City StrippersWith more than 200 female dancers, we can provide you entertainment for any event. Check out our Top Three Packages:

  • 2 Girl Show: Be the hero of the party by ordering one of our famous two girl on girl fantasy shows. Our shows are so hot, that we can’t even talk about them here. If you thought you seen it all, think again.
  • Hef for the Night: The lights are dimmed in your room while your bachelor smokes his cigar while wearing a custom Hef robe in his chair. Then 4 gorgeous and sexy Playmates (a.k.a Tasteful Temptations® Girls) come out and get the party started! It’s just like you’re partying in the mansion!
  • Game Over Player Package: Your Bachelor has all the right moves… he has so many good lines he could have worked for a phone company. He had more game than Parker brothers & Milton Bradley combined! Now he’s found that special someone and now the Players game is over? Well not yet! He still has one night left, so let the Game Over Player Package begin!


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