Many people dream of taking an extravagant trip to Las Vegas for their 21st birthday. More often than not, being able to afford a weekend in Sin City isn’t something that fits into the budget of a 21-year-old. Luckily, we’ve got a few ways you can bring the party capital of America to your 21st birthday celebration! Here’s how:

  • Gather your entourage. Pick your closest of-age friends to be a part of your big night. Be mindful that large groups can tend to slow you down, so use that vacation mindset when you’re considering who to invite. Single friends are ideal for these types of gatherings.
  • Class up your outfit. You may not be in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean personal style goes out the window. Doing so will only amplify your Vegas Birthday Bash experience. The typical dress code for a casino or nightclub on the Las Vegas strip is as follows: jeans or slacks, button down shirts, sport coats, or if you’re feeling super fancy, a full-blown suit.
  • Plan the perfect pre-game. Save yourself some money before you head out to the bar by hosting a pre-game complete with appetizers, drinks, and of course, gorgeous women. Tasteful Temptations has the perfect package for your pregame, whether you want a mild show or an all-out party.
  • Brush up on your poker game. No Vegas-themed party is complete without some friendly gambling. Whether 5 Card Poker is your game or you consider yourself a Blackjack aficionado, ante up and test your luck! You can host this portion of the night during your pregame, or make a local casino a stop on your bar crawl.
  • Make a reservation. Any time you’re planning to drink, it’s important that you eat a meal. While you may have snacks out during your pregame, planning a dinner at an upscale restaurant in your area adds an extra sense of luxury to your Vegas-themed party. Las Vegas is known for its buffet selection. Stay true to your theme and reserve a table at an all-you-can-eat steakhouse before you head out to the clubs.
  • Hit the town. Instead of making stops at all of your favorite local hotspots, head to the bars and night clubs that charge a cover. Nothing screams Vegas like having to pay to get in! Your 21st birthday only happens once, so make it a big deal. Good friends will have your back when it comes to paying covers (better friends will pay for your drinks, too).

Bring Vegas to you for your 21st Birthday with these party ideas.