images Admit it: You kinda want to know what everyone else is doing in bed. Don’t we all? Last night, a new episode of the Discovery Channel’s Curiosity series called Sex in America explored the results of a 5,000-person sex survey published in 2010 by Indiana University. The last such study was done by Alfred Kinsey himself 60 years ago — and boy have things changed.

Here’s what the couple next door is probably doing when the lights go out: First of all, only a third of the 2010 study’s respondents only have sex in the missionary position, in favor of what the show calls an “increased variety” of sexual behaviors compared to Kinsey’s day. These are the top four sex acts that American couples participate in, in descending order of “popularity”:

1. Penile-vaginal sex

2. Oral sex

3. Partnered masturbation

4. Anal sex

Why are we more adventurous now than we were in the 1950s? For starters, the introduction of the birth control pill in tkyear meant sex was now recreational, not just for procreation. Plus, books like The Joy of Sex gave Americans “ideas” about what to do in bed that they had never heard of.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Read more fun facts about the study here,

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