Bachelor parties are about letting loose with friends and getting a little rowdy. Everyone is gathered to celebrate the guest of honor’s last night out as a bachelor before he marries his bride. Unfortunately, a lot of brides-to-be stress over this event, wondering if their significant other will remain faithful. Fortunately, most bachelor parties don’t live up to the extremes Hollywood portrays.

Whether you’re feeling a little nervous about attending your first bachelor party or you’re a significant other worried about what’s going to happen, Tasteful Temptations offers the low-down of what goes on at the bachelor parties our girls attend.

  • It’s all about having a great time. Bachelor parties date back to the time of the Spartans, who would host a dinner in honor of the groom-to-be. Since then, these events have become more extravagant. Rest assured that 99% of the time, the guy getting married is simply out to have a good time with his friends. He’s very much in love, fully committed to his relationship, and ready to get married. This is more about cutting loose with his friends.
  • There will be drinking. Imbibing in alcohol is somewhat of a staple at bachelor parties. The level of alcohol consumed varies from person to person. Some choose to have a low-key event at home, enjoying a few drinks and a game of poker. Other bachelors looking to go wild and crazy book a private party at home or in a hotel room equipped with plenty of girls and drinks. It’s totally up to the bachelor, but it’s pretty safe to say some kind of drinking will be involved.
  • Our girls put on a good show. Most often, bachelor parties are about the thought of sex, not the actual act. If the beauties of Tasteful Temptations are invited, they’re there to take a bachelor party to the next level and put on a show. They put on a good show, but that it’s not necessarily clean entertainment. At the end of the night, the bachelor party is a job for these girls. They aren’t there to convince the bachelor or any of his friends to do anything unsavory.

Remember – a little trust goes a long way. Trust is paramount in any strong relationship. If you’re a concerned fianc√© worried about what mischief the guys will be up to that night, have a healthy conversation with your partner about any expectations or limitations that you may have. When both parties know what to expect, these events go over a lot smoother.