If you’re engaged to be married, you know that a majority of the events leading up to the big day are bride-centric. Why should the girls get to have all the fun? A brodal shower is a fun event for the groom-to-be to celebrate with his closest friends. They’re all the fun of a bachelor party, with all the food and frivolity of a shower.

Whether you’re opting for a brodal shower in lieu of a bachelor party or you’re pulling out all the stops for your wedding and throwing both bashes, these brodal shower must-haves will help you plan the perfect boys night:

The Place. Brodal showers can be thrown anywhere. Like bridal showers, you can rent a hall or reserve a section of a restaurant to host your get together. If you’re going for more of a bachelor party vibe, pair a pre-game session at home with a night out on the town. On a tight budget? You can throw a brodal shower in the comfort of your own home, too. That just means a little more work needs to be put into planning.

The Guests. Any guy in your wedding party should be extended an invite. Additionally, consider those people who couldn’t be in your bridal party, friends who might not live around you anymore, and of course, any of your cousins who love a good party. It’s probably not ideal to invite the parents of the bride to this sort of event, just in case things get a little rowdy.

The Refreshments. If you’re into alcoholic beverages, whip up a fun cocktail for your brodal shower. Create a signature drink your guests can enjoy throughout the evening, like a MANhattan or a BROmosa. If alcohol isn’t your thing, you can still whip up these delicious concoctions as their “mocktail” counterparts. Food is also a necessary part of any brodal shower. Grill or smoke your favorite meats or have a BBQ feast catered to lessen your workload. If you’re not an Iron Chef, head to a local hotspot for your favorite eats. Make sure to call in advance to ensure they have enough room to host your event.

The Girls. We know what you’re thinking – the girls already have their own party planned! We’re not talking about those girls, though. We’re talking about the beauties at Tasteful Temptations. While the drinks flow, watch our beautiful ladies perform for you as part of your pregame or the pinnacle of your brodal shower.

Showers aren’t just for women! Throw yourself a brodal shower before you get hitched.