As if you needed an excuse to roll around on the floor with your partner, an abstract paint kit called Love Is Art enables couples to capture an, ahem, intimate moment on a giant canvas.


Get frisky with your partner atop a cotton canvas and a puddle of paint, and art is born. It’s not as graphic as it sounds — the end result looks something like a giant Rorshach ink-blot test (see above). Which means your guests don’t have to know where you got that edgy, original piece hanging above your sofa…unless you want to let them in on the secret.

And don’t worry about soiling your Flokati rug: Love Is Art is nothing if not thorough when it comes to cleanliness. The kit includes:images (1)


– 80” x 90” plastic sheet to protect surfaces from paint splashes
– 54” x 41” specially treated non-allergenic white cotton canvas
– 4-ounce bottle of specially formulated black, non-toxic washable paint
– Two pairs of disposable paper slippers
– Custom body scrubber

Grab your own for $60 at and get busy.

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