It’s that time of year again: anxious college students count down the days until they enter the “real world;” grad students wait eagerly to hear whether they’ve gotten the job or not. No matter what kind of graduation you’re anticipating this spring, a party is the ultimate way to celebrate your achievements! These graduation party themes will guide you to throwing an awesome get-together:

  • Entertainment. If you’re particularly fond of video games, a particular television series, or a movie franchise, this theme is for you! Tap into your favorite story and use those elements in your graduation party. Host a Triwizard Beer Pong Tournament and crown the next champion, or battle it out with a MarioKart drinking game to determine who can own Rainbow Road. Celebrate your success by kicking back and blowing off some steam with a little healthy competition.
  • Sports Team. Hit it out of the park with a sports-themed graduation party. The start of baseball season is synonymous with spring and graduations, making it the ideal theme for a party. Plan your event around your local teams next game, grab a few beers, and toast your achievements! If you’re not into America’s pastime, use a sport that speaks to you as your theme. Consider your favorite national team or the team that plays for your school. Gather the guys and organize a flag football tournament in your yard or cue up Madden for a low-key, sports themed graduation celebration.
  • Career. This theme works well for career-specific majors, like lawyers, doctors, cops and firefighters. These courses of study take a lot of hard work and determination, but they ultimately result in an awesome career. Order a donut cake for your police academy graduation and cuff anyone who has had too much to drink, or turn Operation into a drinking game to celebrate your doctorate. No matter what you studied in school, a party honoring the path you’ve chosen is a great way to celebrate before entering the workforce.
  • Boys Night. Are you up for an adventure? An exciting graduation party can satisfy your inner thrill seeker! Invite your closest friends over for a boys night in. The gorgeous women of Tasteful Temptations can be the icing on your graduation cake. Let the drinks flow and celebrate your degree while our beautiful ladies perform. We offer a variety of packages, each customizable to fit the vibe of your grad party.
  • School Pride. If you’re particularly proud of the school you’re graduating from, use that as your theme. Incorporate school songs, colors, and mascots into your party to commemorate your time there. Get creative and serve up your favorite college meals and drinks – ramen and Mad Dog make an excellent combo!

Throw a graduation party that encompasses your interests and celebrates who you are. Congratulations to all of the spring grads!