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How Much Money Can Strippers Make?

private hotel strippers atlantic cityLike being a nurse or a teacher, stripping is a profession that people make a living off of. Have you ever wondered how much a stripper earns? Whether you’re looking to break into the stripping game yourself or you’re simply curious, Tasteful Temptations explains how much money strippers earn.

Quite simply, the amount of money a stripper earns depends on the amount of work they’re doing! On any given night, the amount of cash a dancer goes home with is unpredictable. It could be anywhere from $100 to $1000. Most of a stripper’s earnings come from tips, so it depends on the type of event and the number of performances they’re doing.

A stripper can earn money by doing a variety of activities including:

  • Stage Dances. Strippers perform on stage for a variety of clients who can tip at their leisure.
  • Lap Dances. These are one-on-one dances that give clients personal attention, usually attracting a larger tip.
  • Private Parties. Strippers are on location at a private event and tipped by the guests in attendance.

Most often, the strippers of Tasteful Temptations are doing private, personal parties, which means they’re earning at a consistent rate compared to a stripper performing on a stage or providing lap dances, which really depend on the people patronizing the club that evening.

It boils down to the amount of time a dancer puts into their career. The more events they do, the more money they make!

Are you a stripper looking to make more money? There are a few ways you can increase your income in this very lucrative line of work.

  • Brand Yourself. Make yourself known by choosing a name that reinforces your brand. Are you going for the naughty school girl vibe or the girl next door? Decide on the role you want to play, then choose a name, outfit, and hairstyle that correlates with that character.
  • Start A Conversation. More often than not, most guys enjoy your company more than the dance itself. Start an engaging conversation by leading with a compliment.
  • Set Goals. As a performer, your take-home pay is based on the work you put out. The more parties you book, the more money you’re going to make. Set goals for yourself and do whatever it takes to go above and beyond them so that you can make more money.
  • Connect On A Personal Level. Cultivate a following and generate regular customers by bonding with your clients. Ask about their personal lives, their jobs, and their hobbies. They’ll enjoy talking to you and more inclined to recommend you to their friends if you have a warm, welcoming personality they feel that they can bond with.
  • Invest In The Right Wardrobe. Your look is extremely important, so invest in high quality clothing to amplify your look. Choose a color scheme, then find clothing you feel sexy and confident in. Your heels should always feature straps so that they don’t accidentally go flying as you’re performing. Stay on top of your grooming routine, too, so that you always look your best.

Earn the most for your hard work with these helpful tips!

How To Behave Around A Stripper  

If you want to take your gathering to the next level, going to a strip club is not your only option. From bachelor parties to a “rite of passage” or simply wanting to have a good time, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to use a professional stripper service like Tasteful Temptations. Though there are many rules to abide by while participating in the experience we provide, these rules are in place for the girls’ and our customers’ long-term safety. Here is a few helpful tips on how to behave around our entertainers so that you are not in the dog house with the service, entertainer, or your group of friends.

  • Clean up and dress appropriately for whatever the occasion may be. We’re being serious. Not only will the entertainer appreciate it, but you will feel good, too. Want a lap dance? Consider options like khakis, dress pants, or anything soft (that does not mean sweatpants). Leave any items like keys, wallets, or phones in your back pocket or somewhere near you. Again, you will be more comfortable and so will the dancer. No one wants to be butt-dialed while you are trying to have a good time.
  • Look, don’t touch! Our girls have one job, and one job only:  to give the ultimate experience to you, the customer. It is extremely important to remember they are doing what they are being paid to do their job. Most strippers are not sex workers, and if they are employed by a reputable service, they will not participate in any sexual acts for money— that is prostitution, which is illegal in most states. Strippers specialize in providing a fantasy for their customers, and unless they have said that touching is allowed, the best thing to do is keep your hands to yourself. If you are not sure, just ask.
  • Always tip. We really mean this one. Tipping etiquette varies from an actual strip club to a house call, but for around 25 guests you will want to tip between $1-$6 per person throughout the show. These numbers are based on the party size and the level of effort from an entertainer and are up to your discretion. If you are the party planner, we recommend trading in your large bills for singles, and once your guests arrive, have them trade in too!

Remember, it is crucial to ask about the rules of the service prior to the party. Not all services are created equally, and even if you have had an experience before, it may not be exactly the same this time around. This will save you any confusion that may cause uncomfortable or awkward moments throughout the night.

Benefits of a Pole Dancing Workout

The unofficial start of summer is this weekend, which means many people are focused on perfecting their summer bod. Pole dancing is a great way to engage your core, strengthen and tone your legs, and increase your self-confidence. Whether your gym offers these types of classes or you’re looking into installing a pole in your home gym, pole dancing is a fast, effective way to reach your summer body goals. Discover all of the ways your body can benefit from pole dancing.

  • Work Everything. Pole dancing combines resistance and cardio training into one session while improving your flexibility. Using your own body weight, you’re able to train your muscles through targeted motions. On the occasions you’re climbing the pole, you have to support your body weight through the use of your entire body, giving every muscle group an even deeper burn.
  • Achieve Rapid Results. Gone are the days of doing countless sit-ups and crunches. Because pole dancing requires a lot of time spent balancing on one leg or completely off the ground, you’re able to train these muscles in less time. In fact, pole dancing can be more effective on your core than working with weights 4-5 times a week.
  • Make Cardio Fun Again. Anaerobic cardio bursts are a great way to burn fat, but running through drills on a treadmill can get pretty boring. Cardiovascular activity is a huge part of pole dancing, as you’re consistently moving around while tapping into your muscle strength.
  • Tone Without The Bulk. For those worried about bulking up too much, pole dancing can help you maintain your body weight while tightening and toning your muscles. You’ll never obtain huge muscle mass because you’re only ever using the weight of your own body.
  • Get Lean Legs. If there’s one part of the body people tend to neglect when it comes to fitness, it’s the legs. Pole dancing gives your inner thighs and quads a run for their money through dynamic stretching. Like your core, pole dancing allows you to train your leg muscles in less time.
  • Experience An Emotional Exodus. In addition to all of the physical benefits, pole dancing can be emotionally beneficial. Any form of dance is a great way to work through emotion, whether you’re feeling angry, joyful, or sad. Feeling strong and fierce? Put Katy Perry’s Roar on your playlist. Want to work through something a little tougher? Try dancing to Kesha’s Praying. Pole dancing can be done to virtually any song, making it easy for you to work through any kind of emotion.
  • Boost Your Confidence. The moves involved in pole dancing can be sexually suggestive and allow you to feel more confident about your body. Pole dancing gives you a sense of sexiness and strength that you won’t find in more traditional workout classes.

Want to look like the fit females of Tasteful Temptations? Regardless of your experience level, pole dancing can be a great workout for any body type. Give pole dancing a try this summer!

Saint Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day is this weekend, which means millions of Americans will be celebrating with plenty of green beer and Irish-inspired foods like bangers and mash. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to the Erin Express, throw your own Saint Patrick’s Day bash this year! Celebrate with these adult-friendly party elements.

  • Get your green on. No Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without the color green. Whether it’s green string lights, festive emerald banners that read “Happy Saint Pat’s!” or green-dyed food, work as many green elements into your party as you can. If you’re really into the holiday, dress up in costume as a leprechaun or wear a Kelly-Green suit to celebrate in.
  • Let the drinks flow. Keep your bar stocked for your Saint Patrick’s Day gathering. Whip up a pot of Shamrock Juice by combining gin, white tequila, light rum, vodka, Blue Curacao, and fresh squeezed orange juice. If you’re looking to serve up something a bit stronger, make Irish Flag shots by combining Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe, and Licor 43.
  • Serve up snacks. With all of that liquor being poured, you’ll need to serve some snacks to keep your friends standing. From soda bread to stew, there are plenty of Irish-inspired treats you can set out for your guests. Create a buffet fit for a king complete with corned beef, Shepard’s Pie, and sausage rolls to keep your friend’s stomachs from rumbling throughout the evening.
  • Curate the perfect playlist. Every party needs music. It helps create the atmosphere and allows your guests to feel more comfortable and relaxed. When making your playlist, don’t forget to include your favorite Irish bands like U2, The Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, and The Pogues. If you’re not sure where to start, check Spotify or Pandora for premade playlists.
  • Invite Irish beauties. Sure, your friends will show up for the food and the booze, but what they really want is to have a good time. Surprise everyone on your guest list with the Irish ladies of Tasteful Temptations. Whether you invite Brooke, Jade, Errin, Molly, or all 4, your Saint Patrick’s Day bash will be a hit.

Get wild this Saint Patrick’s Day with these festive party ideas! Call Tasteful Temptations today to book our beauties for your St. Patty’s Day bash.

Scary Sexy Halloween Party Ideas

As the weather cools down and the leaves begin to turn, families in your neighborhood are starting to gather candy and costumes to celebrate another Halloween. If you’re not into the family-oriented side of Halloween, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own fun! Celebrate with these adult-friendly party ideas.

  • Choose an age-appropriate theme. Adult Halloween parties need a theme to drive the action of the event. Themes inspire your guests to come in costume and make it easy to decorate your location. We’re not talking rainbow unicorns. Choose a theme your guests will love, whether it’s coming dressed as your favorite cult classic character or poking fun at political figures.
  • Serve festive food and beverage. Let’s be honest. Most people are coming to your event for the food and the booze. Have the bar stocked and ready for your Halloween party. Pumpkin beer, apple cider, cauldron jello shots – whatever your drink of choice is, you can bet there’s a Halloween-inspired recipe for it. Order pizza, wings, and fries from your favorite local place to keep the food simple.
  • Pump up the jams. A party without music is equivalent to the final nail in any coffin. Music adds to the atmosphere and elevates the Halloween feeling. If you don’t have a Halloween mixed CD laying around, head to Spotify or Pandora for a great themed playlist.
  • Scary good entertainment. We’ve all been to those parties where there’s not enough activity going on for it to be fun. If the weather is suitable, have most of the party set up outside. This allows you to play drink-friendly games like beer pong, flip cup, and corn hole. Take your party to terrifying heights by bringing in some outside entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a mild, 1 girl show or an all out, 4 girl extravaganza, the beauties of Tasteful Temptations will scare the pants off of you.

Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, which means these plans have to go down in less than two weeks! Call Tasteful Temptations today to book our beauties for your Halloween bash.

Tailgating At Home

It’s finally football season! That means weekends chilling with your best bros, screaming obscenities at your favorite team when they fumble the ball, and of course – tailgates. The idea of tailgating at home is a great way to save on the insane amount they charge for parking spaces at stadiums and spare yourself the post-game drive home. Plan the perfect at-home tailgate with these ideas.

Prep some grub. Nothing says football like soft pretzels and cheesesteaks. Call in to order trays of food at least 3 days in advance to ensure they’ll have enough in store. If possible, have the food delivered – you’ll have enough going on setting up that day! Rather grill something up? Check your propane or charcoal stock the night before to make sure you’re ready for grilling the next afternoon.

Pick up beer. The morning of the game, pick up beer, water, and anything else you’ll be drinking, as well as large bags of ice. Fill your beer fridge or designated cooler and allow plenty of time to chill.

Grab some serveware. Tailgating isn’t about lining your tables with the best linens and fancy silverware. Break out the folding tables and chairs and the finest plastic ware the dollar store offers. Pick up a plastic tablecloth in your favorite team’s colors to help keep the mess to a minimum.

Pick the perfect place to set up. If you have an awesome man cave equipped with a couch, bar, and jumbo television, host your tailgate there. If it’s going to be a nice afternoon and your yard is set up with an outdoor television, bring the party outside. It really depends on the layout of your house, but at the end of the day, all you really need is a television and a cable connection!

Set up games. No tailgate is complete without backyard games like ladder ball, beer pong, and corn hole. Have them set up in your yard to entertain people as they arrive. Leave everything out while you’re watching the game – people may want to play during half time or in-between games.

Score some pre-game entertainment. The beauties of Tasteful Temptations can take your tailgate to the next level. Have our girls over an hour before the game starts to get your crowd pumped up for the big show, or have them come afterward to celebrate your team’s win (or drown your sorrows, depending on the week). Whether you’re looking for 1 girl to play party games or 4 of our hottest women to really spice things up, we can help.

Bring the stadium to your living room this Sunday with these tailgating tips.

What Really Happens At Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties are about letting loose with friends and getting a little rowdy. Everyone is gathered to celebrate the guest of honor’s last night out as a bachelor before he marries his bride. Unfortunately, a lot of brides-to-be stress over this event, wondering if their significant other will remain faithful. Fortunately, most bachelor parties don’t live up to the extremes Hollywood portrays.

Whether you’re feeling a little nervous about attending your first bachelor party or you’re a significant other worried about what’s going to happen, Tasteful Temptations offers the low-down of what goes on at the bachelor parties our girls attend.

  • It’s all about having a great time. Bachelor parties date back to the time of the Spartans, who would host a dinner in honor of the groom-to-be. Since then, these events have become more extravagant. Rest assured that 99% of the time, the guy getting married is simply out to have a good time with his friends. He’s very much in love, fully committed to his relationship, and ready to get married. This is more about cutting loose with his friends.
  • There will be drinking. Imbibing in alcohol is somewhat of a staple at bachelor parties. The level of alcohol consumed varies from person to person. Some choose to have a low-key event at home, enjoying a few drinks and a game of poker. Other bachelors looking to go wild and crazy book a private party at home or in a hotel room equipped with plenty of girls and drinks. It’s totally up to the bachelor, but it’s pretty safe to say some kind of drinking will be involved.
  • Our girls put on a good show. Most often, bachelor parties are about the thought of sex, not the actual act. If the beauties of Tasteful Temptations are invited, they’re there to take a bachelor party to the next level and put on a show. They put on a good show, but that it’s not necessarily clean entertainment. At the end of the night, the bachelor party is a job for these girls. They aren’t there to convince the bachelor or any of his friends to do anything unsavory.

Remember – a little trust goes a long way. Trust is paramount in any strong relationship. If you’re a concerned fiancé worried about what mischief the guys will be up to that night, have a healthy conversation with your partner about any expectations or limitations that you may have. When both parties know what to expect, these events go over a lot smoother.

Christmas In July Party

You don’t have to wait until December for Santa Claus to come down the chimney. Hosting a Christmas in July is the perfect way to unwind in the middle of the summer and get your fill of Christmas cheer! After the Fourth of July, you won’t have another reason to celebrate until Labor Day weekend, so gather your closest friends and host a Christmas in July party. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Deck the halls. Whether you host the party at your house or rent out a space, make sure your location features holiday decor. From garland to Christmas lights, fake snow and of course, mistletoe, you’ll capture the holiday spirit. For the full Christmas in July effect, break out the fake tree and adorn it with seashells and other summertime paraphernalia.
  • Spike the eggnog. You’ll want a variety of libations to keep your guests smiling throughout the party. Eggnog and red sangria are the perfect drinks to serve at a Christmas in July event. With each sip, guests will be overcome with a sense of the holidays. Blend together red wine, whiskey, and ginger ale, then add chopped apples, oranges, and cranberries for a tasty Christmas cocktail.
  • Invite Santa’s little helpers. The girls at Tasteful Temptations can spice up any party, especially Christmas in July. Whether you want to see an intimate show with one of our girls or a wild 4-girl show, the Tasteful Temptations girls are sure to make your party an event your friends won’t soon forget.
  • Rock around the Christmas tree. Curate a playlist of all your favorite holiday tunes. Nothing gets a party going more than “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. Throw a little Crosby, Springsteen and Wham! in there to have your guests dancing and singing all night long.
  • Secret Santa. Make the party more interesting with a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. The spending limit can be as high or low as you’d like. If everyone has a good sense of humor, find gag gifts to swap with the other partygoers. This is a fun element to any party and lets your guests leave with a little something extra.

With these elements in place, all that’s left to do is create the naughty and nice guest list for your Christmas in July party!